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  • When it's revealed that Gus buys expensive Chinese food and sells it at half the price he paid for it, Kaz then points out this means he makes a loss with every sale, Clyde comments that first he buys their shop then he steals their business strategy.
  • The "I will not start fights one hundred times" scene.
  • The variety of ways Kaz tries to trick Oliver into going to the Domain.
    • He tries to guilt trip him (which Oliver pulls on him later) (twice):
Kaz: [sadly] But we only have so many years left to do these things together, Oliver... one day you'll wake up old and alone.. and say to your robotic nursemaid Shiela-X99, "I wish I'd gone to the Domain with Kaz more often." And she'll say [robot voice] "What is love?" [regular voice] Because she's a robot, she feels nothing!!''
  • When they try to get out of Mighty Med through a vent:
Kaz: Look.. if you wanna ask Horace for permission, go ahead. [gestures to vent] He's right through here.
  • When Oliver gets fed up with Kaz's apparent selfish antics, Kaz tries to "apologize":
Kaz: I wrote you a very sincere apology note. It's in this duffel bag. [gestures to bag on the floor] Why don't you, uh... climb in and read it?
  • And directly after that, when Oliver remarks on how selfish Kaz is:
Kaz: I know I have been... and to make it up to you, I bought you a gift. Smell it, it's cologne!!
Oliver: [deadpan] A cologne called anesthesia?

  • Back at the vent scene, Kaz assures Oliver that his plan will work fine:
Kaz: Relax, this is how my brother got out of jail!! [beat] Also into jail.

  • Alan's habit of yanking on the hem of his sweater vest before storming off.

  • Almost everything Wallace and Clyde say is amusing.

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  • Gus apparently has eaten a guy's shirt. He also takes other people's food, sometimes eats his homework and test papers, and his own toenails, because he "can't help it if [he's] limber and has delicious toenails".

  • Gus also writes his test paper using clips from a magazine for some reason.

  • Apparently, Oliver once had to dislodge Kaz's head from a banister.

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