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  • Every time Tara tries to impersonate Taylor in Book 2.
    • This gets even funnier in Book 4 when Taylor tries impersonating her to get out of her cell. Thanks to her mind reading ability, she had a lot more success than Tara.
  • Anytime Zeus calls someone out for smelling bad.
  • Michael tends to show his snarky side when he narrates.
  • In book 2, the Electroclan was hiding in Mitchell's (Jack and Wade's friend) house. When an Elgen guard comes to check on them, Mitchell warns them to leave because he claims to have put his little sister (who actually didn't exist) to sleep. To make it authentic, someone does a perfect impression of a little girl. Taylor wonders if it was Ostin who did the voice while Zeus jokingly says it was Jack (prompting a scolding from Abi). The next chapter then reveals it really was Jack. Zeus's reaction was priceless.
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  • Ostin keeps coming up with more creative ways of insulting Hatch with each book. Highlights include "You're a skid mark on the underwear of humanity."
  • The poisonous/venomous debate in book 6, and all repetitions of it.
  • Also from book 6 was at the ranch where Michael, Jack, and Zeus were skee shooting. Zeus kept missing his targets, so he decides to just use his powers on them.

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