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  • A particular space pirate log entry in Prime, which gives clear orders to all soldiers suffering from phazon-related mutations to report to the authorities. Mutations beneficial to combat are rewarded with a raise and bigger food rations.
    • "Science Team has vapor for brains."
    • Metroids are not pets. Metroids are not for target practice.
      • Unauthorized feeding of Metroids is STILL strictly prohibited.
      • This is apparently a big problem for the Pirates: you can scan one Metroid in their base that is moving a bit slower than the others; the scan determines that it ate a pet treat and has indigestion.
      • One of the logs in Mining Station A of the Agon Wastes is about a Pirate grumbling about how all the trips to Dark Aether are draining their power. He then mentions how maybe Command will listen once the power latrines run out of energy.
      • One Pirate decided to use a Metroid for target practice anyway.
        Injury Report 07.200.07
        Unit 686 released a Metroid for target practice today: the Metroid then assaulted 686. He should be regaining brain functions in a cycle.
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    • Read the Pirate Logs in the Phazon Mines discussing Samus. For further hilarity, in Echoes, they notice Dark Samus, and then they realize that there are two of you.
    • A log in the Phazon Mines talks about trying to capture Samus' ship. Scientists predict that the ship has a cloaking mechanism so advanced, no one will be able to find it unless by sheer dumb luck. In reality, Samus' ship is in plain sight in an open area a couple of rooms away from some aerial pirates, although this fact could potentially be written off as the cloaking device working on everyone but Samus. Even in that case, however, it'd still be difficult to not notice the rain suddenly stopping in midair...
    • A Pirate Log about the Pirates' attempt to replicate the Morph Ball manages to become funny.
      "Aran's Power Suit technology remains a mystery, especially the curious Morph Ball function. All attempts at duplicating it have ended in disaster: four test subjects were horribly broken and twisted when they engaged our Morph Ball prototypes. Science Team wisely decided to move on afterward."
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    • A pair of logs side to side in a save station are rather droll for a group of ruthless pirates.
      "All Holo-technicians report to Main Observatory. Maintenance required on both holomodules."
      "Chief Astrogation Officer feels our current dual holoprojector system is obsolete. Please review and advise."
  • Omega Pirate's death. You shoot him, he slumps and collapses on top of Samus.
  • M. Angseth, Samus Aran fangirl.
    PFC Crany: Last night at chow, Angseth starts talking about some bounty hunter and how she blew up a planet full of Space Pirates. I told her I didn't believe in fairy tales like that, and she took it personal. I just find it hard to believe that one person took out an entire Space Pirate base, that's all. But if she wants to believe in this Samus, or Bigfoot, or Santa Claus, she can.
  • After finally defeating the Chykka, a boss that just keeps getting back up when it seems defeated, scanning the corpse will give you a long list of information about the body's condition that basically amounts, "Yeah, it's down for good now, don't worry."
    Bioscan complete. Target Chykka has been terminated. Lifesigns are at flatline. No regenerative ability in effect. No evidence of symbiotic corpse possession. Resurrection does not appear likely.
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  • Metroid Prime 1: After the battle with Thardus, as Samus is turning to walk away, a small rock smacks her in the back of the head. (It conveniently makes her turn around and see a brand-new powerup!)
  • Go shoot a light beacon with the Annihilator Beam. Watch any Ing in the room gleefully gallop/fly to their death.
  • Admit it: At the bottom of the Phazon Mines in I, you got a sadistic chuckle out of unleashing a swarm of Metroids on the Space Pirates.
    • There is also a moment in the Phazon Mines where the player sees a missile-destructible grate on the ceiling. Naturally assuming that there is a powerup stored behind there, the player blows it up... And inadvertently kills the shadow pirate who had been hiding behind it to ambush Samus.
  • The amazing stupidity of how the Triclops/Mechlops will eat Morph Ball Bombs is considered by many to be amusing. Nearly every instance of the mob AI being Too Dumb to Live could be a CMOF.
    • Admittedly, the idea is that it tries to suck in Morph Ball Samus and the bomb gets sucked in instead. It's still funny to imagine them having an Oh, Crap! moment just before the kaboom...
    • Since they'll grab them if you are out of their range, it makes it seem as if the Triclops are simply too stupid to discern between the Morph Ball and a bomb.
  • In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the first boss you face, the Berserker Lord, stumbles around after its defeat, and bumps into a force field that zaps him and then shorts out, allowing the Berserker Lord to then fall into the path of a passing Space Pirate ship. Oops.
    • Also in Prime 3, Gandrayda has a chance of tripping when you fire a powerful attack at her during her boss fight.
  • For some, Meta Ridley's death, in which several Chozo Statues come to life and blast him with Frickin' Laser Beams. Then he falls into the Impact Crater and explodes! The latter is possibly justified by Meta Ridley being a cyborg.
    • There's actually a bit of foreshadowing early on when you find a Chozo Lore entry that basically says "If you destroy our relics, you'll regret it." During the fight with Meta Ridley, his attacks start destroying statues, so he had it coming.
  • Just thinking about what Ridley is and becomes during these games gets funny with its ludicrousness. Before the Prime games he was a Space Dragon in charge of a bunch of Space Pirates. With Prime comes the more pronounced Mad Scientist edge to the Pirates, and Ridley becomes a Cyborg Space Dragon in charge of science pirates. And then in Corruption, he finally becomes a Mutant Radioactive Resurrected Cyborg Dragon Pirate Commander. Think of all that at once.
    • Samus also gets a few dozen CMoAs for STILL BEATING HIM A BUNCH.
  • Some of the Prime 3 Pirate logs.
    "Our scanners have detected the remains of Dark Samus, who has revived herself within our Phazon storage. Surely, we are cursed."
    "After our liberation, she (Dark Samus) left us adrift. We thought this a test of our loyalty, and so we endured. Some said she abandoned us. They were promptly shot. Disciples do not doubt their leader. "
    • It gets better.
      "As we groveled in awe, she ordered us to follow the beast through a rift in space, a wormhole. Some refused to follow, afraid of the unknown. They too were shot. Disciples must be fearless."
  • "Hey, relax. We're the good guys. 'Justice Will Prevail', and all that stuff, right Samus?"
    • The script for Prime 3 often falls into So Bad, It's Good camp.
      Ghor: "Soon, everything will be corrupted, including you!"
  • Metroid Prime 2 reveals the biggest weakness metroids have after the Ice and Dark beams: doors. Whether intentional or a glitch, metroids, for no reason, will explode if they try to enter through an open door and enemies aren't programmed to go into other rooms anyway.
  • When Samus obtains the X-Ray Visor in 3, she turns to the screen and gasps, as if she can see the player through the fourth wall.
  • Scanning Space Pirate Crates in Prime 2 gives us the gem "Space Pirates, strangely, dislike theft." It's even funner when you realize that most of the opinions expressed in non-lore scans are Samus' own, so she's the one making that sarcastic remark.

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