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  • According to Samus herself, and as demonstrated in one of the trailers, the best way to deal with Zebesians is to give them a good kick in the face.
  • Anthony Higgs's line "Remember me?" from the Other M trailer at E3 soon became an instant meme, because nobody knew who in the hell he was, nor did he appear in any Metroid game until then. The puzzling nature of the memetic line had garnered Anthony the (temporary) Fan Nickname, Mysterious Black Dude.
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  • In a Shout-Out to Metal Gear Solid, when Samus dies, Adam screams "Samus, what's going on?! Respond! RESPOOOND!"
  • Anthony Higgs killstealing from Samus, and Samus's reaction. She punches his shoulder in annoyance. (She punches him again when he mocks her signature "thumbs-down" just before the credits.)
    • Right before that, the creature attacking Samus ( Ridley's adolescent form) is defeated... when it slams face-first into a wall disguised by a hologram. In bullet time.
  • Lyle, who dislikes bugs, unloading his whole ammo clip into a single tiny insect, still firing even after it's reduced to sludge.
    • He's also laughing manically the entire time he's shooting. Trigger-happy explosives/gun nut, anyone? When going through Sector 1 the first time, you can occasionally hear explosions. Clearly, Lyle was blowing stuff up the whole time up until you found him later.
  • Ridley's cartilaginous face can only show a few expressions. Near the end, with the Queen Metroid bearing down on him when he's already been wounded by Samus, we find out one of these is Oh, Crap!.
  • When Samus, inadvertently voicing the frustrations of a million gamers, sarcastically mutters in the best piece of voice acting in the game as she starts "authorizing" her own upgrades:
    "Any objections, Adam?"
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  • In the postgame, finding Adam's helmet jumps from a sad, mournful scene with appropriately slow music to ALERT! ESCAPE! so quickly that it causes very funny whiplash.
  • Nightmare may be terrifying, but I'm SORRY, watching it slide across the ground is way too funny.
    • Even funnier in the movie is a scene where it starts doing this. Cue Samus running like hell.
    • Even better; it wiggles like a worm to accomplish this.
  • For anyone who hates this game, Adam's line as he explains some of the plot details is awesome.
    "But then again, none of this makes sense."


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