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  • On Kirisawa's route, the detectives are monitoring a suspect's movements at an amusement park, and need to get close enough to eavesdrop on his conversation. Thus begins the tale of Tennoji, the pink bunny mascot.
    Tennoji: Boss, why we always gotta decide everything with Rock Paper Scissors?
  • Following the failed operation at the amusement park, the team sits down to grab some food at a cafe, and the topic of what Kirisawa and the protagonist were doing beforehand comes up. Since they were actually out on a date together, hasty fibbing and kicking each other under the table ensues... except the protagonist's aim is a bit off and she accidentally kicks Tennoji instead.
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  • In Nomura's route, shortly after the news hits 2nd Unit that Nomura is suspected of being a member of a group of vigilante murderers, the protagonist gets an email from him:
    Subj: Have you heard the news?
    Apparently, I'm a member of that organization!
    I was super surprised to hear about it, myself. LOL
  • Speaking of emails from the guys, one of the between-chapters emails on Nomura's route is from Tennoji, asking if she's gone to a meeting room on Mars, accusing her of managing to get lost in her own workplace, and threatening to put out a "lost child" broadcast if she doesn't come back immediately and bring him some milk pudding.
  • After two routes of teasing the protagonist about her "hopeless crush" on Kirisawa, the rest of 2nd Unit finally learns that the two of them are together in Kirisawa's second sequel. They are, to a man, utterly poleaxed by the discovery.
    Tennoji: ...Hey. Kazusa, what the hell is going on? Explain.
    Hanai: How would I know? Asada, what's going on?
    Asano: I'm not Asada and I can't lie on my back so I don't know.
    Yachigusa: Y-You're right... I'm not really into lying on my stomach either...
    Kyobashi: You are all overreacting. It's a joke.
    Tennoji: So what exactly is happenin'. Katsuyuki, you explain it!
    Kyobashi: It's possible that this is all a dream...


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