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  • During a training simulation mission...
    4rx: The main enemy commander of the area is a large mech- be on your guard...
    Maj. Damage: I just met this big robot dude and he refused to move out of the way, so I beat him up.
    4rx: The main enemy commander of the area was a large mech...
  • When fighting against Brightsparks, metas so bright that they blind everybody who looks at them:
    Damage: Whose bright idea was it to send these guys against us?
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  • Getting past a Defiance Spaceport Security robot guard by taking advantage of the latter's logical reasoning.
    Guard: "Alright, walk between the lines."
    *I.C. walks between the lines, through security metal detector* "BEEP!"
    Guard *points to sign*: "No metal objects are allowed."
    I.C.: "Fine then." *moves back out, then rips out the other nearby detector*
    Guard: "HEY!!!"
    *I.C. then sticks the held detector through the first one* "BEEP!"
    I.C.: "It's made of metal, therefore it's not allowed here."
    Guard: "Right."
    I.C.: *points to first detector* "Since this is the same thing as the other, it shouldn't be allowed since it's also made of metal."
    Guard: "Right." *rips out the first Metal Detector and throws it away, then snatches the one I.C. is holding and throw it away too.*
    I.C.: "Let's try this again."
    Guard: "Alright, walk between the lines."
    *I.C. and co. walk through the lines where the metal detector once stood, therefore bypassing security*
    I.C. to the others: "Defiance robot logic."

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