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  • Two callbacks to MGS1:
    • First, when re-infiltrating Shadow Moses Island, Otacon calls Snake to tell him to put in Disc 2, before realizing they were on a BluRay disc, which is dual-layered. Snake tolerates it for all of 3 seconds before telling Otacon to get a grip.
    • And during the final act, after defeating Screaming Mantis, the ghost of Psycho Mantis shows up to pull his old tricks. But after finding out the system doesn't have a memory card and (if you aren't using the Dual Shock 3) the controller doesn't vibrate, he freaks out and is banished by The Sorrow. Also, the flashbacks that normally call back to images of past games are of a PS1.
      • Doubled if you've also played MGS1 on the PS3, which has the famous 'controller vibrates' trick regardless of if your controller is wireless or not, yet by MGS4 he seems totally mystified by the exact same controller
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    • His gleeful response to causing the DS3 controller to vibrate is even funnier.
    • A third callback and funny moment is when you call Campbell for help when dealing with Screaming Beauty. Campbell tells Snake to attack the bust, but as Snake puts it, "There's no bust!"
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Snake's Quest for a Good Smoke:
    • The mission briefing where Sunny just walks up, snatches the cigarette out of Snake's hand, and yells "This is a no smoking flight!". His Psyche meter drains a quarter, like "I just got my ass handed to me by a little girl. I am not a man."
    • At the end of the Act 5 mission briefing, Snake raises his hand and wiggles his fingers like an eager student. It's hilarious. And then when Mei Ling calls on him, he asks, "Anybody got a smoke?" Meryl groans, and his Psyche Meter drains.
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  • Otacon's responses for killing the resistance members in Act 3:
    (First kill): Snake, what are you doing?! We need them to lead us to Big Mama's hideout!
    (Second kill): Snake, do not kill them! Their our only means of finding Big Mama!
    (Third kill): Knock it off Snake! Are you trying to abort this mission?!
    (Fourth kill): JUSTWHATDIDYOU SNAKE!
  • Sneaking up on a soldier and holding them up at gunpoint, patting them down, followed by a very special knockout move. Their high pitched squeal of pain just makes it better.
    • Even funnier when done on a woman. She will become angry when he touches her privates during the search and sometimes even call him a pervert. Eventually knocking him down with a kick. Sometimes she will laugh when he touches her, probably because it tickles. Sometimes they may even enjoy it, either moaning as if aroused or telling Snake he's good at it.
  • Although the Camera is on the Nomad each act briefing for you to retrieve in a playthrough, getting it in Act 4 has a small album of photos of Sunny and Naomi included. .. including a picture of Sunny learning how to flip eggs the hard way.
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  • In Act 5, If Snake chooses to attack Meryl for no reason, Otacon and Rosemary will get furious.
    (First hit):
    Otacon: Snake! What are you thinking?! Are you trying to kill her or what?!
    Rosemary: Snake, you're suppose to be protecting Meryl, not hurting her!
    (Second hit):
    Otacon: Stop it Snake! Meryl can’t take this kind of abuse! Keep her safe, don't hurt her!
    Rosemary: Stop Snake! Don't let Meryl take anymore damage!
    (Third hit):
    Otacon: Enough is enough, Snake! How can you call yourself a man, hurting a woman like that?!
    Rosemary: Snake, you brute! Why would you keep hurting her like that?!
    (Fourth hit):
    Otacon: UGHH!
    Rosemary: AUGH!
  • All of Akiba's scenes before he took a level in badass.
    • His introduction, where he gets caught relieving himself (or attempting to) inside a barrel, has to be seen to be believed. As Snake's behind a wall from an enemy Mook, the Mook walks by the barrel and then the most hilarious farts, gurgles and groans echo out of it. The Mook uncovers poor Johnny with his pants down in a crouch, and Johnny can only look embarrassed as he lets one rip a final time before legging it as he tugs his pants up. The Mook covers his nose and lets out a disgusted grown, then pursues him, but he doesn't shoot him possibly out of sheer bewilderment. Snake later decides to use the barrel as a hiding spot.
    • Nah, he's still hilarious even after he takes off his mask. Case in point, he incompetently launches himself onto Arsenal Gear, a huge contrast to the otherwise serious mood of the scene.
    • Also, him trying to grab not only Mei Ling's ass, but Meryl's too.
  • Vamp muttering "I'll be taking a nap." and falling over after getting shot in the head.
  • There's a Codec conversation with Roy and Rose about how Rose is a Lethal Chef. She also states that she likes American military rations, after Roy had said how an international meet he went to found America has the crappiest tasting rations in the world.
    Roy: (dryly) America for the win.
    • Also during that conversation;
      Roy: I want you to hear this too.
      Rosemary: I've heard this a hundred times—
      Roy: You'll survive.
  • In what is otherwise a fairly serious scene full of carnage, Ocelot is doing this. It's not uncommon to see YouTube comments on this scene joking about how Liquid is fingergunning people to death.
    • While making machine gun noises from his mouth like a five-year-old, one might add.
  • After the epic fight between Metal Gears RAY and REX, Liquid Ocelot jumps out of RAY and... runs away, doing the most childish gestures and laughs as Snake limps after him.
  • "Fox....DIE!" "Think again!" Another hilarious callback to MGS1.
  • Should players last long enough against the human forms of the B&B Corps, the mission travels to a white void where not only can you get them to pose for your camera, but playing a particular J-Pop song on Snake's iPod causes them to begin dancing. Looking at the pause menu shows a security cam feed of Sunny doing the dance as well.
  • During Act 2, as Naomi is talking to Snake about his current health and what's going to happen to him, Snake "drops" his cigarette, bends over to pick it up... And if you hold down L1, uses the opportunity to ogle Naomi's cleavage. Doing so actually restores his Psyche! Even on the verge of death and aging rapidly, Snake still makes sure his "snake" stays Solid.
    • Later during the same act, Snake tracks Naomi in a dense forest after soldiers took her away. He deduces the right track by following her footprints and later items she dropped. One of the items is... A lace bra. Otacon's flustering and confusion can be leaned on. The best part? If you approach said bra, it turns out to be a trap laid by a sniper nearby. The icing on the cake is that you can bump into FROGs nearby... Pity the sniper once one of the female nanomachine-fueled submachine gun wielding ninja realizes she's missing something.
  • "You're... THE SHIT!" Elaboration: Call Otacon in the Canyon area where Snake fought Raven in an M1 Tank. Snake bluntly explains how he beat the Tank with a bunch of grenades leading to an awe-inspired Otacon to make the aforementioned statement.
    • A comment on that YouTube link sums this page up nicely - "Solid Snake is the shit, Johnny Sasaki needs to shit, the Patriots are full of shit, and Ocelot is doing stuff justs for shits-n-giggles."
    • In retrospect, Otacon might have studied too little considering what Big Boss did in Snake Eater, Peace Walker AND Phantom Pain. Or even about how Snake beat a tank back in Outer Heaven by tricking it into driving over a bunch of mines.
  • Just before you first encounter the Scarabs, right in the middle of a cutscene, holding down L1 lets you see a bunch of Scarabs pretending to be one guy in a trench coat and fedora. The sheer WTF factor of it is incredible. Best of all, they don't walk—they strut.
    • Even funnier if, by rotating the camera at some points during the segment before, you can spot them following you. Realizing the creepy dude in a fedora that was eyeing you from behind corners who vanishes out of existence once you point a gun at him (only to reappear as soon as you've walked two steps away) was Scarabs playing human is... Unsettling.
  • During the final battle between Snake and Ocelot, if you allow Ocelot to choke hold Snake and do nothing, Ocelot will kiss Snake on the cheek! Bonus points for the Achievement Trophy for unlocking this is You're pretty good.
  • Calling up Otacon in Act 1 while hiding in a trash bin gets a conversation where Snake discusses the insects crawling about him (On his face no less) with all the casual indifference of a guy talking about the weather ("I'd hide inside of a toilet if it would help me stay out of sight.") while Otacon is understandably grossed out and demands that Snake wash the smell off of him before coming back.
  • Early in Act 1, Snake can take advantage of his camo to disguise himself as a statue....grabbing another statue's genitals. Hide with the statue 3 times and Snake snaps the genitals off accidentally.
  • While meant to indicate that Snake isn't at his best, his Psyche meter dropping by a quarter in cutscenes quickly becomes a Running Gag, and reaches its apex in the The Stinger when it falls as he's faced with the prospect of eating the eggs cooked by Sunny.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In 2006, squirrelking (of Half-Life: Full Life Consequences fame) wrote a Troll Fic called "Fight of Metal Gears. Two years later, Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out, which features a literal fight of Metal Gears.
  • Just the fact that this is on Snake's iPod, and you can listen to it while potentially in the middle of a massive firefight.
  • Among the in-game TV spots is a straight-laced nature documentary about octopi and their camouflage and mimicry capabilities. What sells it is the news ticker that floats around the screen, with darkly funny headlines like "Voter turnout lower than expected in Mexico City biannual warlord elections" and "14 mauled by genetically modified 'aggressive cow' hybrid in Ulaanbataar Friday; city officials express disappointment in technology, promise fewer glitches in Bovex 400 model scheduled for release this January".
  • During a massive firefight on Outer Haven, Akiba confesses his love to Meryl but is rejected... because she wanted to do the proposing.
  • At the beginning of Act 5, Mei Ling is giving a briefing on their mission but when she is too short to reach part of the slide, she jumps before extending her presentation stick. She also at one point holds her stick upside down and later drops it.
    • When she drops her stick and gets on all fours to pick it up, Akiba is staring at her ass the whole time and even leans in to get a closer look before getting pulled back by an angry Meryl.
  • Drebin's first reaction to have a grumpy war hero coming in his hideout and pointing a gun at him in a menacing tone? Do a magic trick where he makes a grenade fall from an empty handkerchief in a bemused tone. Quote the Internet Movies Firearms Database:
    Drebin shows off a magic trick he presumably uses at really dull parties.
  • Everything involving Little Gray, Drebin's hairless albino monkey pal.
    • His attempts to get a cigarette from Snake, from snatching it straight from his hands and even trying to trade him his soda for one.
    • During Act 5, Drebin jumps from the top of the Missouri in front of the heroes, doing a perfect Three-Point Landing... And Little Gray lands half a second later doing the exact same pose! Cue Drebin rasing his head with dramatic camera shots and sounds effects... And they both belch since they were drinking soda before.
    • At Meryl and Johnny's wedding, Little Gray snatches the bouquet from mid-air, much to Mei-Ling's chagrin.

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