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Meta Runner is a much darker show than SMG4, but there's still plenty of humorous moments between all the drama.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

    Season 1 
  • The bot boys are quirky little robots that parody advertising in almost all of their appearances. Their Establishing Character Moment? A PewDiePie meme.
    BotBoy: You've heard of chairs that go 180 degrees! But can yours do this? flattens itself with the chair.
    Tari: Are… are you okay?
    BotBoy: I can't feel my legs! Wait, I don't have any legs…
  • When Afrobot lists off a bunch of products to Tari, the one thing that catches her interest seems to be a "gaming duck". note 
    • Later, as everyone is evacuated from the store, one customer laments not being able to buy a gaming duck.
  • Theo claims he needs to reach the goal post. Why? Because the Elder Tomato told him to do it. Cue Theo taking out the Elder Tomato, who begins reciting the game's backstory, and would have apparently gone on for about an hour if Tari didn't get them moving again.
  • Pretty much all of Theo's lines throughout the majority of Season 1. Especially this one:
    Theo (to Lucks): Bye final boss! Be back to kill you later!
    • Another one, especially due to Tari's reaction:
    Tari: I saw a bright light... and then I was [inside Ultra Jump Mania].
    Tari: Yeah...
  • Episode three has Tari and Theo trying to hide. So of course, Theo starts live-streaming.
  • When Tari gets in Lamar's car, she notices a rather... odd passenger.
    Tari: Is that a body pillow?
    Lamar: Huh? Oh yeah, that's Nova-Chan! Don't worry, she chill.
  • Lucks got himself some... unorthodox help in chasing Tari.
  • Lamar barely manages to swerve around a truck coming into the intersection from the side. Belle confidently does the same, only to to smash into another vehicle coming in from the side, since her complete attention was on the truck. Belle's reaction really sells it.
    Belle: ...Oops.
  • At the climax of the car chase, Theo manages to knock down a neon billboard, which Tari uses as a ramp to bypass TASCorp's blockade. This is so impressive, even one of TASCorp's goons applaud the display.
  • When Masa asks her if she's played Battle Blaze before, she replies with "I've played Ultra Jump Mania once..."note 
    • Made funnier when you see Theo sitting next to her then you remember that he was from Ultra Jump Mania.
  • Tari outright unloading her automatic rifle on Masa once he appears in range during their Battle Blaze match, only to end up panicking and somehow miss every single shot.
  • For some reason, Masa has a fish head mask for his Battle Blaze avatar, startling Tari as he put it on while cycling through his head accessories.
  • Theo trying to use chopsticks and failing miserably.
  • After MD-5 discusses Operation Silent Demon, Lamar notes how crazy everyone is before walking off with a body pillow in hand.
  • Tari and Theo take a while to get used to Tempest's variety of spells.
    • Tari accidentally incinerates Lamar with a fireball.
      Masa: I thought that was on purpose. I would have been impressed.
    • Lamar demonstrates the wind spell Tari's going to need to execute the deep mountain clip. Theo tries it, except he doesn't have the wind spell, but a spell that summons columns of rock. Theo accidentally ends up launching himself into the horizon with it.
      Theo falling to his death in the distance: Wheeeeeeeeeee!
    • When Tari tries to use the wind spell:
      Tari: How do you use it?
      Lamar: Just press the A button.
      Tari: I don't have an A button!
      Lamar: Uh... say the magic word?
  • When Tari manages to get to the top of the mountain:
    Tari: I managed to get to the top!
    Sophia: Great! Now jump off.
  • When Theo is defeated in the Tempest tournament, he tries to give a dramatic Final Speech, but he finds himself booted from the game before he gets past two words.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "Fast Food Fight" where Tari gets in the middle of a sandwich-based scuffle between TheOdd1sOut and Egoraptor. Particular moments include:
    • Bland-Name Product is lampshaded and exaggrated to hell and back, from Tari getting confused when Odd mentions "Sooubway"...
      Tari: Don't you mean Subwa—
      TheOdd1sOut: Nope, I definitely meant Sooubway.
    • "Definitely not Wendy" appearing in the "Wondy's" logo.
      Arin: (Shoving his face into the camera) Dammit, Wondy's, SPONSOR ME ALREADY!
    • Tari tries to de-escalate the situation.
      Tari: Hey, food based violence never solved anything.
      Arin: You're right... (pulls out a lightsaber) Let's go with real violence!
    • Theo was fully aware he was a video game character. Arin and TheOdd1sOut... um...
      Arin: Our existence is meaningless!
      TheOdd1sOut: Consciousness is a lie!
  • The Meta Runner Soundtrack video features a side-view of Tari playing video games in a room packed with stuff and a view of Silica City behind her, a dead ringer for a "Lo-Fi Beats to Relax and Study to" parody.
    Season 2 
  • While the first episode of season 2 is quite gloomy, the bot boys manage to lighten the mood, if only for a bit, by marking their first appearance in the season with another popular meme.
  • Belle's failed attempt to unlock Sofia's phone and access her backup files results in a chibi drawing of Sofia on the screen waving her index finger and repeatedly saying "Uh oh! Someone needs a timeout!". Also serves as a Shout-Out to Jurassic Park.
  • As Theo Coconut Burst Jumps his way out of his cell, he has the audacity to flash Lucks a cheeky peace sign the last frame before he breaks out.
  • As Masa, Lamar and Sofia reunite and discuss their plans, Masa's neighbor keeps barging in, asking for Masa to pay back some owed money. He does respectfully leave each time he sees that Lamar and Sofia are still there, though.
    • He's cited as "Annoying Neighbor" in the credits.
    • May become a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment however in the context of “Fatal Error”, where it’s revealed Dr. Sheridan is actually the innocent-seeming neighbor, and thus hijacked Masa’s Meta Runner arm to frame him for Lucks’ death.
      • This loops back around to being when you realize that he barged in the second time in response to his name, meaning that he forgot that he was supposed to be incognito for a second.
      • The implication that Dr. Sheridan has loaned money to Masa before.
  • Evelyn's line to the dating sim playing scientist as she takes his phone in Firewall.
    Evelyn: Say goodbye to your waifus, they're mine now.
  • As Tari searches Evelyn's room for the scientist's phone, she has to repeat a mantra to herself so she doesn't freak out over the copious amount of pastel pink slathering the room.
    Tari: Get the phone, contact MD-5. Get the phone, contact MD-5.
  • A little later, Belle walks in the room to find a sheepishly-smiling Tari with Evelyn backing her up against a bed post.
  • Lamar forgets an important detail as Masa drives MD-5 away from the Rust Pit at the end of Unreal Engines.
    Lamar: ...I told you, Sofia, so long as me and my man work together, we can get through anything! (To Masa) Up top!
    Music stops as Masa stares at him.
  • It takes a while for Theo to recognize Belle in S2E4.
  • When Tari enters Pocket Gatsukei, she tries finding Lamar by asking AI-Chan to search for various usernames. One of which is a little... strange...
    Tari: xXbodypillowbossXx?
    unamused expression from AI-Chan
    Tari: ...Please?
  • When Belle is breaking Theo out of his room, several of the scientists monitoring Theo gather around like they're watching a movie.
    • As this happens, one of the scientists tries taking a sip from their "World's Best Scientist" mug, only to realize that they're jabbing the mug into their mask, and awkwardly lowers it again.
    • Right when Belle propels Theo out of the room, he happens to go flying in the direction that the scientists are viewing him from. They brace themselves for impact, only to remember that Theo is not a physical construct.
  • As Lucks is looking through the files where Theo is, we see that they have a dedicated folder for Duck Photos.
  • S2E5 Opens with the epic manga-esque action of Tari offering a gift to Satsuki-chan.
    • It's a rubber duck.
    • Doubly hilarious since one of these fake-out action shots was in the intro (specifically, a montage of quick action shots near the end), meaning that for the past four episodes, viewers were most likely wondering what kind of action scene would take place in the mobile anime dating sim, only to get faked out.
  • Tari tries to get in touch with Lamar from within Pocket Gatsukei. Persistently. Unfortunately for Lamar's dignity, he gets the hail of cutesy "Pocket Gatsukei!" notification sounds as MD-5 are seriously discussing their next move.
  • Lamar finally sees Tari for the first time in months... as a cutesy anime talksprite.
    Tari switches to a nervous talksprite.
    Tari: ...Is something wrong?
  • Lamar decides to get Sofia and Masa to join in thanks to some spare phones, face-scanned models and VR. Masa is extremely reluctant to do so.
    Masa looks at his outfit in distain
    Masa: This looks like something my grandfather would have worn as a uniform...
    • And Lamar makes his entrance with a jojo pose.
  • When Tari brings up Belle wanting to work with MD-5, Lamar's response is to quote the "say sike right now" meme verbatim.
    • Lamar also says they can't trust Belle because "she's Lucks' right-hand dragon lady." Belle, being Belle, thinks that's a cool title.
  • After Masa initially refuses to let Belle work with them, Belle goes up to Tari's phone and starts giving him a passionate reason-you-suck speech. Masa just mutes her. In the following scenes, Belle can still be seen ranting in the background. It isn't until Tari gives a heartwarming speech to convince Masa to let Belle work with them that they unmute her. THEN she realizes that she's been muted.
  • As Tari's trying to convince Masa to let Belle work with them, the game registers all of their emotional talk as a Heart-to-Heart, popping the icon in front of Tari. She awkwardly dismisses it as she continues her speech.
  • Lamar and Masa engaging in friendly fire with the players opposing Tari and Evelyn earns them complaints from the players, which they brush off by doing ridiculous voices.
  • In episode 17, as Sofia's blackmailing Lucks to stop him from interrupting their plans, she provides cartoony visuals of Lucks crying over flaming bags of money, and a dinosaur with a TV for a head eating him.
    Sophia: The media's gonna eat you alive!
  • As Evelyn fights Tari, one of the approaching soldiers wonder if they're trying to do some kind of pro-gamer move.
  • In episode 19, several quarantine bots pass through a data cube poking into the corrupted Ultra Jump Mania game. Cut to the TASCorp labs, where one of the scientists is playing Pocket Gatsuki, and is about to receive a waifu's love confession before all of their save data is deleted. Cue dramatic violin and the scientist crumpling to the floor in defeat. Even funnier is the lack in audio, even as the scientist is evidently bawling his eyes out.
  • Theo addressing Lamar's body pillow as "m'lady" in “Fatal Error”.
    • He also has this gem right before the episode goes into Sudden Downer Ending territory:
      Theo: I don’t understand anything that’s going on right now, but I agree with everything they just said!

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