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  • Leonard kicking down the wrong motel room's door, and using it to knock the wrong guy unconscious, because he misread Natalie's note. "Sorry."
  • A nice bit of Black Comedy:
    Natalie: What was the last thing that you do remember?
    Leonard: My wife.
    Natalie: That's sweet.
    Leonard: ...Dying. I remember my wife dying.
  • Another Black Comedy moment, beginning of a scene, we saw Leonard sitting in someone's bathroom, holding a bottle of alcohol, confused because he's not drunk. Then he gets into the shower. When the previous scene connects, we found out that he was in Dodd's apartment, ambushing the guy and picking the bottle as a weapon, then just forgot it and decided to take a shower.
    Hmm. I don't...feel drunk....
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  • When Dodd confronts Leonard, he says, "I haven’t made a strong enough impression?" and Leonard replies, "Don’t be too hard on yourself."
  • When Teddy and Leonard drive Dodd out of town, Teddy remarks they must have scared him pretty good. Leonard theorizes that Dodd was probably freaked out by Teddy's mustache.
  • Teddy's cheerful delivery of "Lenny!" is bound to have you smiling. Becomes Black Comedy considering what happens in the beginning of the film.
  • When Leonard finds that he still has Dodd's gun, but doesn't remember who the gun belongs to. The delivery is what makes it.
    Leonard: Must be his; I don't think they'd let someone like me carry a gun.
    * Beat*
    Teddy: I fuckin' hope not.
  • When they first meet, Natalie quickly devises a way to test the validity of Lenny's condition, namely filling a distinctive pewter cup with beer, getting everyone at the bar to spit in it (including Lenny himself), then slowly and very loudly hocking a loogie into it directly in front of him. She stirs it up, waits a bit, then serves it to him "on the house" to see if he'll drink it. He does.
    Natalie: Wow, you really do have a problem.
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  • Teddy repeatedly asks Lenny for his car keys or tries to bluff Lenny into letting him drive his car throughout the film, without success. This is because Lenny has recently murdered the expensive and conspicuous Jaguar's owner, and Teddy is trying to dispose of it discreetly, as well as get his hands on the $200,000 inside.


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