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Funny / Mekakushi no Kuni

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Namiki: Kanade, let's get married, like right now! Then you can cook for me every day!
Arou: Knock it off!
Kanade: Arou-kun made all of this!
Namiki: No!
[Namiki stares at Arou-kun]
Namiki: Arou, get a sex change like right now! Then let's get married!
Arou: Only in your sick dreams, Namiki!

Homeroom Teacher: Yeah, maybe you're right. He and Otsuka Kanade certainly seem to make a nice couple. They're always at lunch together.
Doctor: Are you telling me they're dating? That dirty son of a...!
Homeroom Teacher: That's what I hear. I know, I know. What right does he have, when two guys like us are single?!

Ootake: I already have enough troubles! So I'm only going to be generous today...
[Namiki grabs Ootake's hand]
Ootake: ... This kid... Is he trying to comfort me? So you do have a cute side after all!
Namiki: I'm going to take a bath first.
[Namiki walks past Ootake]
Ootake: He went to take a bath before the host! Annoying kid! Definitely an annoying kid!

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