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Mehdi Sadaghdar's channel, ElectroBOOM, has a whole lot of funny moments that involve him enduring the pain of doing the experiments and tutorials he does.

  • In his "Full Bridge Rectifier" video, Mehdi successfully sums up his entire channel in one sentence after plugging two wires directly into a power strip outlet:
    Mehdi: As you can clearly see, I have no regards for safety. Don't be like that.
  • "The Pain of Electricity (AC versus DC)" has Mehdi's tongue get a 25-volt shock when he thought the voltage was set very low, as well as him getting shocked by sitting on a live wire while setting the voltage.
  • His most popular video, "How NOT to Make an Electric Guitar (The Hazards of Electricity)", involves him making a literal electric guitar by connecting the strings directly to a power outlet. If that wasn't enough, he actually tries to play it when he finishes it, which leads to him getting electrocuted and flipping out.
    Mehdi: It definitely made me sound like a rockstar, although it felt more like an electric chair than a guitar.
    • In the same video, when showing the hazards of working with electricity, he tries to put his hand into a toaster. The shock from it causes him to jump back onto his bed.
  • Want a motion-sensing belt that shocks you when you don't move? Mehdi made one in "Extreme Workout for Extreme Weight Loss (Motion sensor device)", which includes some pretty funny moments involving the thing.
    • The device shocking him when he stops to rest. In the same scene, when running into the grass (potentially to stop the device shocking him), it false triggers.
    • When he tries to take the belt off, he attempts to use scissors to get it open, which doesn't work as when he tries to cut the belt, he falls and gets his face slammed onto the glass table in front of him.
    • While showcasing the device, he gets shocked while holding it in his hand. Twice.
    • Also, the device's name is "Work Out or F**king Die".
    Mehdi: You run until the batteries die, or you die! Just kidding, we have never had failed batteries.
  • "How to Replace a Light Bulb" has a few.
    • When trying to get the bulb out, the heat from it hurts him.
    • The breaker in his room opening when trying to get the bulb's screw part out. This happens twice, one when he uses his finger and when he uses pliers.
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  • "Making a Heated Seat"'s first moments consist of Mehdi using wires that heat up to make a heated seat. This goes wrong quickly. The wires stick to his pants (due to the hot glue melting and causing them to get onto his pants) and the pants catch fire after unplugging the wires.
  • The ending of every video, with Mehdi moving his eyebrows while he beatboxes in the background.

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