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Despite largely being a Game Maker tool, Mega Maker has a pretty good sense of humor.

  • The exchanges Dr. Wily & Dr. Light have during the tutorial.
  • Flavor text. In general it's pretty useful, but for tile-sets, ladders, and spikes, which all behave the same but just look different appearances, they all still have unique, and oftentimes funny descriptions.
    • The Yoku block has an onomatopoeia in its own description. "Dwooooooop."
    • Both the Bubble Man backgrounds say that they don't "give you an eye seizure". On the topic of seizures, the description for the 3rd Mega Man 5 Wily background said that the "green pillars... used to flash, but Dr. Wily got a seizure."
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    • "Heh heh, it looks like there's a face in the middle [of the Dark Man 2 background]. I'm a comedic genius."
    • All of the second set of Mega Man 6 robot master backgrounds state how much they resemble the continents they're based on, with all but 2 of them "faintly resembling the style of [said continents]", while Knight Man's background fits England's style "quite decently" and Yamato Man's background fits Japan's style "surprisingly well".
    • The Mega Man 6 Mr. X 2 background says that you get two backgrounds for the price of one! The second one shows some planets and just says "Spaaaaceeeee".
    • The game has a Suspiciously Specific Denial problem with some of the Mr. X tiles and backgrounds, with a few stating that they are definitely not Wily "tiles in disguise". The Mr. X 2 tiles also state that "Wily ordered a lot of these tiles, but they aren't in his stages. Suspicious."
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    • Unfortunately, the Cloud Man tiles "could not break the limits of the autotiler, so it has no fans."
    • The Mega Man 7 Wily 1 background says that Dr. Wily put in a surprising amount of washing machines in his fortres.
  • Put Bubble Man on land. It's as funny as it is sad.
  • Using Wind Storm on enemies will automatically whisk them up into the ceiling, so you can have instances where a Big Eye (or any similarly giant enemy) looks like it's making a giant jump... and then never comes back down.
  • Some of Bass' victory poses. When he is on a ladder, he will do a thumbs down, and if he is sliding (either via Charge Kick of a character change) he will do a facepalm.
  • When Petit Devil and Carricarry were confirmed (or at least their officialization was), the creators did a joke that many people already discovered them on the files.

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