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Funny / Mean Creek

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  • The scene right after they invite George to go boating shows Marty with his brother's gun. He aims at a bottle.
    Marty: Kiss my ass Mr. Shahom. Kiss my ass Mr. Estes. Kiss my ass Miss Johnson. Kiss my ass Mr. Rosenthal.
    (Marty fires the gun and completely misses the bottle)
    Marty: (Beat) Shit.
    • Somewhat ruined by the fact that this immediately precedes Marty's older brother exhibiting abusive behavior towards him.
  • Millie's list of things to say to Sam on their date includes strange-in-context questions like "do you believe in God?" and "what's it like being male?" Both she and Sam laugh after she asks the latter, and she admits that it was a stupid question.
  • While the moment itself is dramatic, it's still hard not to laugh at the film's Signature Scene of George angrily swearing at the other kids on the boat mostly due to Josh Peck's famous role in Drake & Josh.
    • Before that, George urges Marty to "bring on the penis." Then squirts him with the water gun after he does.