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  • In the beginning of the film when Mr. Ducie explains sex to Maurice.
  • Film version: Young Maurice says he was told "never to do anything [he] would be ashamed to do in front of [his] mother." Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when, several years later, Clive falls ill and faints during dinner and a worried and upset Maurice spontaneously kisses Clive on the mouth — to his mother's mild bemusement.
    • That kiss gives impetus for another stealth joke, though you gotta pay attention to get it: Clive remarks that Maurice's sister Ada is somewhat like Maurice, as her voice sounds similar to his. Prompting her mother, who has tried to set up Ada as Clive's potential bride before, to agree that, yes, Ada and Maurice are very much alike; they even have the same nose and the same mouth. That from a woman who has seen her son kissing Clive. It just smells like she knows what's going on and is arranging for Ada to be an acceptable Maurice surrogate for Clive.

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