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For moments specifically related to his EFAP podcast, go here.


  • This from his “Solo: A Star Wars Story: An Unbridled Rage"
    MauLer: Disney, listen to me. MAKE SOMETHING NEW!
    (Cuts to the scene of Luke milking the alien creature)
    MauLer: NO!
  • From his “The Predator: An Unbridled Rage"
    • MauLer says this:
      MauLer: Though it isn’t over. The Ass Burger then questions his father’s choice to kill people, and the dad feels the need to justify it. And I can’t help but remember that we just got done with a scene in which Ass Burger vaporized a man for calling him a little shit, and seemed to not even fucking care. WHO WROTE THIS!?
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    • Every instance of confusing or inept dialogue is punctuated with the question of "Who wrote this?!" and a close up on Dillon's confused face from Predator.
  • From “Captain Marvel: An Unbridled Meh”:
  • In Game Of Thrones S8EP5: An Unbridled Rage, MauLer demonstrates how easy it is to make anybody out to be insane or supposedly always evil through deceptive editing, doing so to Arya, Jon, and...Hot Pie.
    ”Even the White Walkers fear what comes from his oven.”
    ”He wants nothing more than our sufferin’.”
    ”He will not provide it but you can pray for a quick death from the Hot Pie.”
  • From “Star Wars: The Last Jedi - An Unbridled Rage”:
    • Rose Tico gets an unfortunate nickname.
      ”We are then cursed to meet a new character for the series: Shrek.”
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    • MauLer’s reaction to Leia using the Force to float back to the Raddus. Instead of explaining why he believes it’s stupid, he simply shows a clip of him dying of laughter while watching the scene in the movie theater.
    • Later on, after Rose stops Finn from making his attempted Heroic Sacrifice on Crait.
      Shrek didn’t even have the decency to fucking die.”


  • During the sex scene in The Last of Us Part II between Abby and Owen, Pepe the frog with his eyes covered in horror is used as a censor. MauLer repeatedly saying no during the scene is also pretty funny.


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