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  • Bentley observing the damage done by his men is positively hilarious, all because of Patrick Stewart's gloriously sarcastic delivery:
    Bentley: (to Claire) What a violent society you have in this country, Claire. Sad, really.
  • The sprinkler system goes off for the second time, re-drenching Bentley, his goons, and their delicate electronic equipment.
    Bentley: (calmly) You know, I'm not a violent man, but I really do think I'm going to have to kill someone here.
  • The little dance that Bentley does while boasting about what he'll do with the ransom money.
    Bentley: Oh, ho-ho, I'll be frying, Claire! Under the hot tropical sun!
    • And when the headmistress says he won't get away with his crime:
      Bentley: Well, think about it—if we're smart to get all this cash, then we are SMART ENOUGH TO DISAPPEAR WITH IT!
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  • During Bentley's brief exchange with Foster Delroy, one line stands out, again because of Patrick Stewart's delivery, not to mention the look on his face when he says it:
    Bentley: Yes, you did. Well, screw you too, Foster!
  • Bentley's reaction to Ozzy crashing into the room through the skylight:
    Bentley: You little shit!
  • "Well, if it isn't Dennis the Menace! Very nice!"
  • Bentley taking off his dress shirt to reveal a Manchester United T-shirt.
  • During the final chase, Bentley and Ozzy play tug-o-war with Melissa until Bentley just lets go of Ozzy's stepsister with this gem:
    Bentley: Oh, sod it, take her!
  • The ending scene, in which Bentley speeds towards the light out of the tunnel, gleefully yelling "Yes!"...only to end up falling out of the tunnel and into a sewage dump, all the while screaming "NO!"

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