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Funny / Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

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  • In Gambit's ending we see him flirting with Morrigan in one of the stages of the game until Rogue kidnaps him. Morrigan laments this.
  • In Lilith's ending she and Morrigan talks about their fusion, which should have been evaporated with the defeat of Onslaught. Then, they decide to crush their heads to make sure that happened. Then, Zangief appears, thinking it was a Headbutting Contest. Then both Zangief's and Lilith's heads crashes... then Zangief lays on the floor. Hilarity Ensues: Lilith and Morrigan fly off ("Oh, yes, my sister! Let's go home!" from Lilith). Zangief then gets up... and yells "No! I can't stand this! Come back to me, sister!" Oops?
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  • Zangief's ending has him battling against Blodia, Jin's Humongous Mecha. The final shot is the Earth with a big explosion from above.
  • Mega Man (Classic)'s taunt where he makes a funny face and sticks his tongue out at you.
  • Winning with Roll can be this and a Moment of Awesome.
  • Venom's ending, where he decides to solve crime just like how he does it. with his partner. Moreso if the player chooses Spider-Man as their partner.

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