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  • Anything that the Green Thunder says or does is hilarious.
    Green Thunder: Hey, do you think I should tell Mario about this mask?
    Green Thunder: Hey! My show, my rules!
  • When facing the Mario Bros, Bowser reveals his ultimate weapon: The WEAPON!
    • Toadsworth: "Excuse me Yoshi, but... WILL YOU STOP STUFFING YOUR FACE AND HELP THEM"
  • Pretty much the entirety of episode 3.
    • First off, Karnage gets an atomic wedgie from Green Thunder.
    • Roy makes an Accidental Innuendo:
    Roy: That’s it your butt’s mine!!
    Green Thunder: Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t bend that way
    • To Wendy: "OH MY GOD! AMY WINEHOUSE! I thought you were dead!"
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    • Roy being put in a dress and wearing makeup.
    • After being ambushed by hundreds of Bowser’s troops, Green Thunder does the unthinkable... everyone doing a dance number on Michael Jackson’s "Smooth Criminal".
    • Green Thunder getting the Koopa’s stolen stash to the orphanage... then scaring the kids inside because they were mean to him before.
    • Bowser yelling at his troops that he pays them to be despicable and cruel, not sing and dance. And at that, he doesn’t even pay anyone at all until they finally rule the Mushroom Kingdom:
    One koopa: Then we might as well quit. The job description is an exercise in futility
    Bowser: GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!
    [All of the Koopas run off]
  • Any sarcastic remark Karnage says. And he makes a lot of them...
    • His first line of dialogue is an Establishing Character Moment. "Did you get the princess, "Oh Bowser King of all Koopa's?" with conveying sarcasm, knowing that indeed, he hasn't.
  • Luigi's reaction is just priceless when he finds out about what happened to the Wario Bros. overnight. Mario walks by him to go outside, then wonders about what his brother is so shocked about and rushes back in to not see him anywhere, despite Luigi just going upstairs after that moment.
  • When the Koopa Squad failed their mission:
    "Well, we were at the house. Mario just left for some reason and when we approached we were set upon by a dark tornado. It said we shouldn’t be wearing that black leather stuff"
    Karnage: The tornado was talking sense!
    • And after Bowser yells at Karnage for their failure:
    Koopa 2: Well we escaped intact
    Karnage: What’s all this 'we' stuff? You haven’t escaped me yet! When you’re recovered you’re on 5 hour PT!!
    Koopa 1: Oh god!! Not more running around the castle!!!!
    Koopa 2: I’ve got blisters on my blisters
    Koopa 3: I’ve got a note from my mummy
    Karnage: Belt up soldier! I don’t care if you have to do with a zimmer! MOVE!
    Koopa 3: Oooh, I wanna emigrate from here!
  • The Overly Long Gag in episode 4 of the Koopa Squad (Alpha, Beta and Theta) getting into the castle, turning off the lights, and trying to capture Peach, along with Toadsworth, Daisy and some Toad guards in on the confrontation as well. There’s also a gopher involved during the fray, and Alpha being hit on the head a lot of times.
    • Heck, the Koopa Squad are basically the relived Three Stooges. And also, Theta is the daily dose of funny business.
    • When Daisy accidentally gets kidnapped by the Koopa Squad, Toadsworth exclaims "Princess Daisy has been kidnapped by Bowser!" before fainting. One Toad guard on the right says those are words he’d never hear him speak. The guard on the left just says "You owe me twenty" to the other guard.
  • Ouroboros and Kamek have a challenge to see who will be Bowser’s best advisor, on whoever has the fastest wand in Dark Land. Ouroboros wins, with Kamek spending about ten seconds in smoke with his teeth falling out.
    "Okay we’ll call a draw"
    • And Ouroboros just said this before the fight it wouldn’t be wise to fight him otherwise he’d lose his teeth.
  • When Toadrick sees Luigi transforming into Green Thunder:
    "Somebody call an exorcist!"
  • Karnage's encounter with a grumpy old Koopa manages to become an extremely Funny Moment:
    Old Koopa: You young whipper snappers! When I get ahold of you I'll...
    Karnage: What's wrong with you Gramps? Bus pass expired?
    Old Koopa: Don't be so cheeky! In my day we respected our elders!
    Karnage: Well this is my day, so the elders can just shut up!
    Old Koopa: Oh you youngsters, I could drop down dead and you wouldn't do anything!
    Karnage: Yes, we would do something for you grandpa! We'd bury you!
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  • Poor Sugar, having to live being called that from everyone else:
    Sugar: You all think its funny don't you, my name, being Sugar?
    Karnage: [Beat] Yeah.
    Sugar: I hate you.
  • Episode 5 has Green Thunder being pursued by some Toad guards. He draws a hole out of nowhere and two of the guards fall in, but the last guard stops short of it.
    Toad Guard: Nice try! I'm not falling for that!
    [Green Thunder prods him forward]
    Toad Guard: So not funny! [falls in]
    Green Thunder: Ain't I a stinker?
    • The Koopa Squad find out they've kidnapped Daisy instead of Peach, and the blame is all on Theta. The reason? Theta just now admits he's color-blind.
    • Green Thunder comes out acting cowboy-like and begins to draw... literally meaning to draw an anvil and Thwomp out of nowhere to crush Beta and Theta. Alpha is then forced to literally eat his own words when he starts badmouthing Green Thunder, causing him to blow up like a balloon. Then Alpha deflates and flies into the sky.
    Beta: Wow! He’s entered orbit!
    Theta: I wish I could go to space...
    Green Thunder: Wish granted!
    [They are sent flying]
  • Green Thunder going gaga over Daisy. Even pulling Sonic out of a hat when trying to do some magic trick to woo her.
    "That should be enough to bring the rodent's fans to see my show!"
  • Daisy's masked form being a complete Stalker with a Crush on Luigi.
    • Masked Daisy throwing a red Angry Bird at one of the Toad guards. Especially when the guard just said before "Smile! Here comes the birdy!" because he wanted to take a picture of her to post evidence on Facebook.
  • Green Thunder comes back after partying on the other side of the planet which he does it by going inside a Tardis and Toadrick asks him where he was all this time which Green Thunder due to being a fourth wall breaking Cloudcuckoolander tells him the reasons why which at the end of it Toadrick doesn't get any of it but being used to Green Thunder being himself decide not to go on asking any more questions.

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