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  • Every single Fawful/Bowser encounter. Fawful turned his Engrish Up to Eleven (and passed on his "unique" language skills to Midbus), and Bowser gets the best comebacks ever.
    Bowser: Hey, what's your beef?
    Fawful: Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless.
    • And after Chakron's explanation of how Chakroads work:
      Bowser: TOO MANY WORDS.
    • "Ready for massage duty?"
    • "Bowser keeps appearing like a rabbit from the ugly hat of a magician who stinks!"
      • From that same cutscene:
        Fawful: You are a nuisance barge barging in at a critical time for us!
        Bowser: Nuisance barge? GWAHAHAHA! Buddy, you're like a nuisance SUPERTANKER!
    • Seeing Fawful singing the Scooby Doo theme while he's looking for the Dark Star is simply priceless, but he has dozens of hilarious moments. "I HAVE SUCTION" is the best line any evil villain will ever say before draining the evil power from an Artifact of Doom.
      Fawful: Fawfully-doo!♪ Where are you?!♪ Dark Star, needing you!♪
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    • Calling Bowser "the king of stupid" — though Bowser certainly does make some incredibly stupid decisions throughout most of the game...
  • Before the battle against Alpha Kretin, Luigi asks Starlow to fight with Mario. Starlow promptly responds by smacking him into the boss herself.
  • While chasing Wisdurm, Luigi falls in a mucus pit. While Mario and Starlow are discussing how to proceed, he falls in again.
  • After being swallowed Mario and Luigi end up in the intestinal "Trash Pit", amusing since Bowser thinks of both brothers as trash. Toadsworth who annoys him for never shutting up, gets stuck in the Koopa's throat. Peach, who he has a villainous crush on, is stuck in his fat cells... his... love handles.
  • When Fawful forcibly extracts Peach from Bowser's body, the orb containing her form slowly drifts down toward Midbus... and suddenly darts over and deposits her on Fawful. Fawful is barely able to hold her and asks for help. Midbus ignores him and walks off.
  • Starlow trying to convince Luigi that he is not cold (and Luigi still being totally cold)
    • She just pops out and stares at him the last time. Just stares.
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    • The kicker? After the last stare Luigi rejoins Mario and proves to be a smartass by shivering once more.
  • Mario and Luigi trying to catch Durmite/Wisdurm is pure slap-stick.
    • Especially when it farts on Luigi.
    • Even better, when it turns to face Luigi, what does he do? Turn around and try to hide under his hat.
  • The look Bowser gives when he's about to push a Fawful statue right to get access to the underground section of his castle is pure gold.
  • Midbus unleashing Junker on the bros.
    Midbus: No one pressed 'dance'! You are broken!
    • It's even funnier when you realize that DANCE DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.
      • Hey, Midbus said it best:
        Sense is for the weak!!
  • After the Star Cure is born, the player may notice that one NPC in Toad Town still appears Blorbed. Talking to him gives you this-
    "Oh, well, hey there, Mario. They cured the blorbs, huh? What, me? This is what I normally look like."
  • Speaking of Toadley, the scene where the brothers first meet the doctor is pretty funny. He diagnoses them as having "Bowseritis" ("Did someone page the King of Awesome?" ) and then proceeds to prescribe medicine for the Bros, completely ignoring the fact that everyone one else in the room is freaking out over Bowser's arrival.
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  • After the Dark Star explodes, we get this exchange between Bowser and Starlow:
    Starlow: The Dark Star. It's finally gone.
    Bowser: Yeah. Pretty tough dude, all around.
    Starlow: And the princess? Is she okay?
    Bowser: Oh yeah! I forgot! Now I can kidnap her!
  • Starlow forcing a gift from Peach onto Bowser in the ending.
    Starlow: Enjoy your present from Princess Peach! *flies away*
    Bowser: NO! I don't want it!
  • And now for unspoilered rapid-fire dialogue!
    • When Bowser can't find a seat at the theatre set up in his own castle after Fawful seized it, he goes to complain. (Genders assumed based on the tone of their text sound effects.)
    Boss Goomba: Is there a problem?
    Male Usher Goomba: Oh, Boss, phew! This guy...
    Female Usher Goomba: So this big galoot here, right? He's all like, I have no seeeat! No seeat! And he won't shut up!
    Female Usher Goomba: But he won't stop, and we're all, we just can't do it, buddy, OK? So we have no idea what to do.
    Female Usher Goomba: And this lug's getting surlier. He's not going away. And he has no seat! Nothing! Not a chance!
    Female Usher Goomba: So we do some solid thinking and totally fail. No big seats! I mean, we got small seats!
    Female Usher Goomba: Ooooo!
    Other Goombas and Bowser: ...
    Boss Goomba: Uh... Right. Gotcha.
    Boss Goomba: *thinking* Whoa.
    • Like other minions, once Bowser frees the Magikoopas, a short skit occurs. Though not as quick as the aforementioned goomba, some of the text gets a bit quick. (Magikoopas numbered according to on-screen placement.)
    Magikoopa #9: We who are not worthy of the mighty Bowser's personal rescue must honor him...
    Magikoopa #8: We, the Magikoopa corps, have attempted to find a suitable way to express our deep gratitude...
    Magikoopa #5 (Jerry?): *turns right* And so we hereby present an invigorating and inspiring dance of utter joy and happiness...
    Magikoopa #6: *turns right* No, wait. We talked this over, Jerry, remember? We were gonna sing a song of Bowser praise?
    Bowser: Forget it, minions! Let's get a move on!
    *Bowser turns around*
    Magikoopa #7: ''*turns left* Just a sec. I thought we'd build a monument to his strength!
    *Bowser starts walking out*
    Magikoopa #4: *turns down-left to #7; Bowser stops after a couple steps* No, we were going to make his favorite food, right?
    Magikoopa #11: *turns up-left to #6* Not me—I voted for polishing his horns with velvet shammies...
    Magikoopa #2: We DECIDED this, remember? It was foot massage all the way!
    *Bowser turns*
    Magikoopa #10: *turns up* I still think that taking lutes and singing praises is sweet...
    Bowser: *jagged speech balloon* QUIET! MOVE IT!
    Magikoopas: *turn to face Bowser again, jagged speech balloon, enlarged text* KOO-RAH!
    • In the theater, if you look carefully, you will find a Shroob in one of the seats. It can be funny in itself thinking of how they got there without anything else happening, but that's not the point. After the above text walls, if you try speaking to them...
    Shroob: . . . *absolutely nothing happens*
  • The look on Bowser's face when Starlow refuses to find his safe combo until he asks nicely.
  • During the Junker boss fight, after sustaining enough damage, Junker goes up to Luigi and sucks him toward his vacuum hand, and throws him at the Trash Cans that accompany the Junker. He gets trapped in one of the cans, where he must be rescued by Mario. Except on occasion, he doesn't go into a can at all, and bounces off of the rim.
    • The stupid little fist pump the Junker makes when Luigi lands in a can.
    • If Luigi is still in the trash cans after a bit he'll wave to Mario, and then the lid slams down on his fingers with him groaning.
  • How about the simple fact that Bowser's battle tutorial is Fawful observing his battle with Midbus, warning Midbus of Bowser's attacks and demanding Bowser not do certain action commands.
  • After Mario and Luigi beat the Bonus Boss Shroobs Mario quickly tells Starlow about them and how it was more or less Luigi (Baby Luigi to be more exact), who saved them all. She doesn't believe that at first and she actually asked how Luigi did it, "ferocious crying" - and she's dead-on right!
  • Bowser's reaction when he sees the train tracks through his secret vault (and the train tracks themselves). Made even funnier by what he says before going inside:
  • When fighting Scutlet, he'll occasionally spit out Starlow and throw her at the Mario brothers as an attack. You must knock her right back at him to counter. Understandably, she'll be pissed at the Bros. But if they don't counter, then she'll be pissed at Scutlet.
  • Hell, the first and last giant battles themselves are so weird they're funny. After all, Bowser is fighting his own castle and Peach's Castle, for crying out loud!
  • Speaking of the first giant boss, it ends up getting so damaged it receives Instant Bandages. Yep, a castle receives Instant Bandages.
  • When Bowser literally burns off calories by sprinting on a treadmill. He then accidentally sets off a Bob-omb before reading the sign that says he's in a Bob-omb depot...not noticing the Bob-omb walking to a pile of boxes filled to the top with Bob-ombs. His reaction when it all dawns on him?
    • And the Bob-omb antics get an encore when he yells at his Bob-omb squad to quiet them down...and accidentally breathes fire on them setting off their fuse. His reaction just screams Oh, Crap!
  • There's a hilarious reveal in a scene involving the green sock-like Sockops when Luigi is trying to save Mario from them. One of the Sockops has his name revealed. The name? Kuribo.
  • When you discover the Bob-Ombs in Bowser's Castle, you can choose not to free them and come back as the Mario Bros. If you talk to them, they'll try to attack you but realize they can't due to being locked up. Talk to them a second time and they'll tell each other to ignore Luigi.
    Bob-Ombs: It's Mario! Get him! But how? Yeah Phil, how? We're stuck in a cage! It's Luigi! Ignore him! Ignore him!
  • Bowser can't get poisoned normally like the Bros can. But he has his own equivalent in that he can potentially get sick from any cold attack (in more than one way). The sneezes are so violent that they hurt him. There's something humorous seeing Bowser having a cold.
  • Bowser gets hit by a train and crashes through several boulders. Through sheer brute strength, he very nearly stops the thing... Until he trips over a pebble. The last thing he says before he gets crushed?
    Bowser: ...Doh.
  • The scene where the Mario Bros. fix Bowser's back. Toadsworth invites Toadbert to have a cup of tea as the impulse triggered by the Bros. is going to work its slooooow magic. After they constantly rub it in the player's face, the message "Why not put the DS system down and take a short tea break?" pops up and the player is supposed to simply wait until the alarm rings. Unless they have a code.
  • The story segment of the launch trailer for the 3DS remake opens with a Toad with the Blorbs rolling around, prompting the narrator to declare. "Oh that's...that's just wrong."
  • The Into the Body trailer is presented just like an educational film. For example, the narrator says, "Yes, your eyes are functioning correctly" after revealing that Mario and Luigi are in Bowser's body. Some time later in the trailer, the narrator even asks questions such as, "Can they escape his belly?", "Can they work together with Bowser?" and even "Can I answer the questions I'm asking?"
  • Failing the Mighty Meteor Bro Move before it ends on its own causes the item inside and whatever bro missed the mark to do a Death Throw.
  • When you find the Koopa Troopas in the cage at Blubble Lake, you can choose not to free them and come back as Mario and Luigi, and they'll say something along the lines of, "Bowser's great!" "Yeah, you got nothing on Lord Bowser! He's awesome!" "Yeah... but then he didn't open this cage..."
  • The Dark Star absorbing DNA is a strange mix of hilarious and adorable, considering the fact that it's an Eldritch Abomination. It eats it, making some funny chewing noises, before shuddering at it.
  • The fact that in the final boss sequence, the ultimate weakness of the final boss... is his glasses. The Dark Star is effectively invincible at first because it's too high up, and taking out Fawful Bug's legs to bring it down into range is difficult since he'll retract up to two of them and can remain standing on just one. But you can subvert the need to use Herd Hitting Attacks to just hit one by targeting Fawful's big swirly lenses to make sure he can't see what you're going to do.

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