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Funny / Marie Antoinette

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  • On the Special Features— "Cribs with Louis XVI". Jason Schwartzman in character taking the viewer on a tour of Versailles.
    Louis: That's all crystal, 100% crystal, not Cristal!
  • The dressing ceremony. Marie Antoinette is forced to stand stark naked in her cold bedroom, surrounded by her elegantly dressed ladies in waiting, who try to get her clothes to her, only to be interrupted when someone of higher rank walks in. According to etiquette, the priviledge of handing things to the Dauphine belongs to the highest ranked lady in the room, and therefore it takes three ladies (who take their sweet time) until Marie finally gets something handed to her.
    Marie Antoinette: This is ridiculous.
    Countess of Noailles: Madame, this is Versailles.

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