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Manhunt might be one of the more disturbing games, but it still manages to sneak in some funny moments, no matter how grim they may be. As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • One Skinz tries to "avoid all the action" and still get his pay by locking himself in a shed and watch German porn. What's the only way to get him to come out? Smashing the fuse box.
    Skinz: "Ah, that's just freaking great! The fuse is fried again!"
  • As batshit insane the Smileys may be, some of the stuff they say is hilarious.
    (Chasing the player) Just give up the damn shoes, you crazy-ass shoe-thieving shoe thief!
    (Upon finding a dead ally) Let's all lay down like this guy! Maybe he's onto something!/You take a rest pal, we'll find the filthy thief.
    (Attacking the player) GIMME YOUR HEAD JUICE!
    (Spotting the player) Hey who are you? HOLD ON, AREN'T THOSE MY SHOES?! / He's over there, and (Distressed gasping) HE'S GOT MY SHOES ON! / There he is, wiggling his squiggly witchetty ass!
    (Taunting the player after killing them) He's turning into a pupa! *chuckle* Pesky witchetty man! / Hey wait a minute! These aren't my shoes after all. / Ha ha ha! Well whaddya know, they're
    his shoes!
    • The quotes above come from a Smiley whose sole motive to murder Cash is because he suspects he stole his shoes, and he's only one flavor of lunacy in the gang. For example, there is a Smiley who believes he's hosting a grand party;
    (Idle) 'I'm a vegetarian!' You think you're so marvelous! / Sometimes I wonder why I invite all these ungrateful idiots at all (Angrish)!
    (Calling for backup after taking damage) This isn't considered polite behavior! Security!
    (Finding a dead ally) Passing out before the main course? Really? / Looks like someone else has overdone the punch.
    (Hearing the player create noise when out of sight) Who said that?! I don't care for open criticism, I'll have you know!
    • Even the normally tragic Smiley known as Barry, who murdered his wife and is now impersonating her, can have something funny to say that breaks the tension of a normally grueling set of levels;
    (Spotting the player) Kids, your daddy's finally come home! (Under his breath) He must be finished fucking that whore...
    (While fighting) I've faked it! I've always faked it, I'M FAKING IT NOW.
    (When losing track of the player) Don't try hiding out there in the garage! I dumped your liquor!
    (When commanding a checkpoint door) Oh no, you're not leaving this house to see her. Girls, lock that door! / Barry? Barry?! Where is that shit? (To Smiley manning the door controls, with a sweet and motherly tone.) Open the door.

  • The Cerberus are the final faction to fight and some players will likely gain more than a few frustrating deaths to them, but their Mildly Military nature provides some comedy.
    (Idle Cerberus, speaking into radio) Did you get that? Hello? Fucking thing's screwed-
    (Radio operator) Watch your language, Bravo-2!
    (Cerberus) Oh shit-yes sir!

    (Cerberus) Look, when I say 'cover me!' I don't mean 'shoot my fucking ass off', okay?!

    (Unintelligible radio chatter)
    (Cerberus) Keep off this channel.
    (Aggressive unintelligible radio chatter)
    (Cerberus) Yeah, well I'm fucking telling you to keep off this channel!'

    (Cerberus) Well one of us is gonna have to go in there and flush him out! (Beat) Why's everyone looking at me?
    (Cerberus) Let's rush him! (Beat) Okay I'll go by myself, but at least cover me!
    (Cerberus) Okay, I'll storm in on my own, but if get hit by any of your guys again I'll fucking kill you!

    (Cerberus) He's hold up here someplace, you copy?
    (Radio) Can you get a positive ID?
    (Cerberus) I'm telling you, it's him!
    (Radio) Confirm that, Delta.
    (Cerberus) Just move it!
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  • Some of the director's comments when Cash kills a hunter. Depending on your sense of humor, otherwise it's just plain disgusting, given that it's implied the director is masturbating to the kills.
    Starkweather: Oh my god, I've had an accident. I'm serious man, you brought me off.
    Starkweather: You're really doing it for me, I ain't been this turned on since — well, let's not go there.
  • Although the fight with Piggsy is often cited as the most terrifying boss fight of any game, Cash's "executions" on him end up being hilarious. First, when weakening Piggsy with the first three executions, Cash jams a glass shard into Pigsy's back, causing him to squeal in pain, and bitch-slap Cash off of him, before running off. This causes Cash to clutch his forehead, less out of pain, and more out of seeming to silently say You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! (this is the first and last time any enemy in the series takes more than one execution). Then, the first time you lure him onto the steel platform, Piggsy realizes his weight isn't doing him any favors and runs back to his original stage. Then the second time, he only has enough time to grab onto the edge of the floor as the platform completely gives out from under him, letting his chainsaw slide to Cash's feet. Cash then finishes off Piggsy by chainsawing off his hands, and causing all 1000 pounds of his lardy ass to splatter several floors below him.
    Piggsy: Not playing! *Squeal* Not funny!
    Piggsy: Stop. *Snort* Not fair!
    Piggsy: Piggsy's angry! *Squeal* ANNNNNGRRRRRYYYYYYY!!!
    Piggsy: Piggsy bored. *Snort* Going home. *Snort* Go to bed and SLEEEEEEP!
  • Forcing some poor schmuck to take shock therapy? Not funny. But looking at the electric box, and seeing the neat, printed warning label that says "Please Note: This Really Fucking Hurts!"? Hilarious.
  • In the tutorial level of the original Manhunt, some graffiti on the wall is pointing out your first target, (who is facing away from you until you kill him) with the message "Kill this dumb fuck".
  • Sometimes the fat shirtless Skinz will have a tattoo on their torso that reads "Fuck Off".
    • On a similar note, one of the Hoods wears a jacket emblazoned with the word "FUCKER" in all capital letters.
  • In the "Sexual Deviants", the "Dungeon" has sexual torture scenes that make Hostel look tame by comparison. However, sneaking into the Dungeon makes the subsequent terror almost bearable - there's a guard manning the door, and he won't let you in since you aren't one of the aptly-named Pervs. So, do you need to kill a Perv, and dress up in his gimp suit? No, not quite - you chop off one of their heads, and hold it up to the door slot to fool the guard.
    Guard: Georgy-boy, c'mon in! (Beat) Geez, you look like shit...
    • Apparently, a canned line of dialogue can be Black Comedy, again from Leo:
    Looks like we're a-HEAD of the game, Danny! Get it?! A- (Sigh) Forget it...
  • This conversation between two Watchdogs:
    Watchdog: Spengler, look for Higgs and Spaulding - they should be coming from the "adult specialty shop."


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