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We here at TV Tropes recommend, in the best interests of your Manga and Light Novel pages (or screen as that may be), you empty your mouth of fluids before reading these moments.


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    Other Examples 
  • In the Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar manga, Jaguar is attempting to get past the security guard. He explains that he has seven methods.
    Jaguar: "I have seven methods! Six of those methods... are bloody..."
  • The manga A Devil and Her Love Song gives us this little exchange between the main character and one of her female friends:
    Tomoya: "S?! Kawai-san is an S?!"
    Maria: "I'm S."
    Tomoya: "Why? You've got to be M, Kawai-san! You're bigger than me!"
    Maria: "No, I'm S."
    Tomoya: "You should be M! Kawai-san is M!"
    Maria: "S is more suitable!"
    Oh yeah, they are talking about clothing sizes. Probably.
  • In the Amatsuki manga, this troper found it particularly hilarious that (although it was already laden with plenty of puns and typical manga style reactions to everything which, while amusing are still pretty cliche and boring) when the manga finally started to get down to something plot-related and serious, This exchange occurred.
  • Love Hina: Most of the Pararakelse arc. Moments that stand out are Keitaro's Freak Out when boosting Naru up and realizing she's not wearing a bra, Naru feverishly trying to dig them out of the trench and hitting water, Keitaro's nasal gushing when Naru unveils the leafy bikinis, the Stab the Scorpion moment turning into yet another Accidental Pervert moment, and the fact that the big trap released caterpillars, which would've been perfectly harmless if they weren't wearing leaves as clothes. Oh, right, and Su pimped out Shinobu's bunny.
    • How about when they realize Keitarou needs to return to Japan in less than a day? Su's answer: Strap him to Mecha-Tama and blast-off the Keitarou-1!
    • Then there's the whole sequence when Kanako takes over the Hinata Inn, so the girls stage a full-fledged insurgence movement to take back the Inn. Complete with missiles and bazookas. As well as Kanako's equally militant attempt to retake it.
  • The entirety of the H-manga Sei Sou Tsui Dan Sha is either one of these or horror depending on your point of view, but the very end is an unquestioned, one-word Funny Moment. "MOM!"
  • In the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann manga rendition of the hot springs episode, the heroes discover that the spring they've been bathing in is really part of a giant enemy Gunmen. The fanservice girls are scooped up in a cage, their... delicate parts obscured by blurry pixels, with the enemy threatening to kill them if Simon and Kamina does not surrender and step out of the Gurren-Lagann. Kamina's response? Sure, "as long as you remove those damn blurry parts so I can see what I think I'm seeing!" They do. The girls were wearing bikinis all the time. Kamina is not pleased. (Neither are the girls, for that sake.)
    • This is, in fact, in the uncut version of the episode. Twice.
  • Leon at the end of the Pet Shop of Horrors manga. "I can't believe it... I'm really flying! That means... I'M FUCKING DEAD! THAT LYING SACK OF SHIT!"
  • The To Love Ru manga has a weird one. The series' resident Cute Ghost Girl, Oshizu, got an artificial body so that she could go to class with everybody else. Turns out that when she trips, she pops out of the body she's possessing. Their teacher (who's an old man) sees her body, thinks she's died, and dies of shock himself. So Oshizu pushes his soul back into his body. He comes back to life with no ill effects.
  • In the Mahoraba manga: After Asami's friend Michiyo promises a guy that she'll grow up to be a hot Ojou, she goes on a milk-only diet, as it would supposedly make her breasts bigger. Asami's other friend Satsuki mentions other rumored methods of breast enlargement such as rubbing them. Michiyo invites her friends to do just that. And Satsuki actually goes and does it. In front of Asami and other classmates... who are quite flustered at the whole scene.
  • Project ARMS: Egrigori agents are closing in on Ryo's house, and he's freaking out trying to figure out how to tell his apparently oblivious mom. And then she proceeds to whip out a series of large guns and kick all their asses.
  • In Flame of Recca, in the aftermath of Domon vs Aki... Fuuko DID promise him a kiss, so he asked for it. And then... Fuuko tossed in Koganei to kiss him. The result was utterly hilarious.
  • So many from Great Teacher Onizuka, but one in particular sticks out in memory to me. During the Okinawa trip, Urumi realizes that Onizuka has been using the class as cheap labor to help him search for treasure. Getting Urumi mad at you is a Bad Idea. She buries Onizuka up to his neck and then covers him with huge snakes and giant beetles. This troper laughed hysterically for several minutes.
  • The immortal Rain passing a "Watch Your Head" sign as he jumps off a fifty-story building is funny enough. What's hilarious is it whacking him on the head after he hits the ground.
  • The Hentai manga Bondage Fairies prides itself on its humor. One of the best would have to be New Chapter 3, when Elder Granny has to decide, between Pfil (the innocent and joyful one of the two main characters) and Takapi (a side character who is arrogant and scornful of the main heroines), who gets the "honor" of being the Chosen One to "appease" Titanos the dread killer cicada of legend]]:
    Elder: "Hrmm! Takapi is better!"
    Takapi: "Heh... A wise decision. From each fold of my labia majora, to the delicate lines of my inner petals... I am beauty perfected!"
    Elder: "No, you've just been stretched wider."
    Pamila: (falls over laughing)
  • In the chapter of Shugo Chara! where Tadase tells Amu about his sad past with Ikuto, all the guardians seem to be depressed from hearing it. Until Yaya character changes and tells them to stop being sad and actually try to save Ikuto. How her face looks when she says it is downright hilarious.
  • The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon manga Ginji's Rescue Team. We're introduced to Absol, who, soon after meeting them, sees Ginji's identifying mark, an x-shaped scar. Cue him freaking out and eventually telling Mudkip that he's scared that Ginji will eat him.
    • I raise you the meeting with Xatu! When Mudkip and Ginji meet him, Xatu silently stares at the sun without acknowledging their prescene. Ginji gets p’oed and “accidentally” uses Flamethrower on the psychic bird, who doesn’t react at all. Ginji and Mudkip are amazed by his intense focus. Then Xatu finally turns and questions who they are- and a second later starts screaming in pain! “Delayed reaction!”
  • The mostly dramatic Ooku: the Inner Chambers demonstrates that the new Shogun Tokeguwa Yoshimune is no more fond of formality when selecting bedmates than she is anywhere else.
    "One never knows when she will appear next, or where!! I beg you, M'lord, to have her choose her partners at a proper audience, as is the custom, instead of snatching my men as they go about their work!!"
  • Maison Ikkoku:
    • Volume 4: Kyoko buys a full length mirror for her bedroom, and she wants to try it out by dressing up. She comes across her old high school uniform and puts it on. Mrs. Ichinose barges in to invite Kyoko over for drinks, and decides to put on her old high school uniform too. Yotsuya puts on monk's robes, Akemi puts on a nurse's uniform, and Godai puts on his high school uniform. The drinks come out and everyone starts playing parts according to their costumes, hamming it up and getting melodramatic. Finally, the kid, Kentaro comes home — and is heartbroken because he thought at least Kyoko was "kind of normal, at least." The chapter ends with Kentaro dreaming of moving out.
    • Volume 5: Godai and Mitaka are both in the hospital with broken legs. They're both pining after Kyoko, and she's trying to figure out who she has feelings for. Cue a harem of girls who come into the hospital to dote on Godai and Mitaka, so Kyoko leaves. Godai and Mitaka look out the hospital window to see her smiling—much to their relief—but she takes her umbrella and writes in the snow, "Idiots!"
  • Future Diary is usually a very serious manga, but one quote from one of the later chapters doesn't fail to get a laugh.
    Yuno broke the wall of time-space with a hammer.
  • Katteni Kaizo, a work by Koji Kumeta of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei fame, is a crowning moment of funny in general (mostly) but parts that stand out include:
    • The whole sequence with the soccer player whose passes make disastrous things happen, including but not limited to: explosions, accidents whilst... having a private moment and gay sex.
    • The village of people who periodically encase themselves in a kind of jelly dessert which I've forgotten the name of.
  • In keeping with the extremely dark and twisted humor of the series, at one point in Ichi the Killer, after Kakihara tortured one of the conspirators for information, the necrophiliac man requested that after his death Kakihara fuck his corpse. Kakihara agreed to the request before driving one of his signature skewers through the man's brain. Then he stood up, turned to one of his unfortunate underlings, and said "Fujiwara. Take this guy into the bathroom and fuck him." And he meant it, too.
  • In Mega Man Megamix, uber-serious Elec Man busting out into laughter at Roll chasing Cut Man so she can make repairs on him.
    • From the same manga, this troper admittedly believes Metal Man got a Funny Moment when he insisted he wanted to fight more, whether that was an intentional Funny Moment or not. It doesn't help that in this troper's head he sounded like a whiny teenager.
    • Mega Man Gigamix Volume 2: Roll stuffing Shadow Man down in the bike basket.
  • Kanga na Spoon, a Boys' Love Genre title, had a moment where Kasumi (Who's rather campy) tries to pick out an outfit to seduce Yoshiaki. He tries to seduce him while dressed like this.
    Kasumi: "I got carried away while choosing the outfit..."
  • in Ga-Rei, there's Yomi's reunion with Noriyuki. You expect a somewhat tearful reunion, considering their last meeting ended with him holding her head as she faded away. What you don't expect is her stomping on his face and calling him trash. Though to be fair, that's probably just her way of showing him some affection.
  • Vol. 1, Issue 5 of Saint Young Men has Jesus and Buddha are lamenting that they don't have enough money for food, so crying stray cats start offering themselves as food. Being Friend to All Living Things can be awkward sometimes...
  • The fight between Jack and Sikorski in Baki the Grappler takes place inside a telephone booth, where the cramped conditions make their size difference irrelevant...but there's a person in the booth trying to make a phone call when they do it.
  • In GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class, playing with a sweets container as a luxury liner ("That's actually the Titanic.") and being shown that the container readily returns to its shape after being bent:
    Noda: "That's actually a shape-memory Titanic."
    Namiko: "No! That makes no sense!"
  • Being a gag series, Hakaiou Noritaka! has many of these, but one that stands above the others is when Noritaka, depressed for an impending fight against an opponent he expected to kill him, tries and consoles himself by watching Ultraman defeating the Monster of the Week and imagining himself in his place... But picks the episode with Zetton.