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Funny / Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure

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  • The girls' over the top reaction to seeing a cat, which they regard as a frightening monster, is hilarious.
  • Cam tells Nixie, "If you wanna friend me, hit me up." She's confused, but obliges by striking him in the shoulder.
  • Nixie's a borderline Comedic Sociopath as she zeroes in on the idea of Sirena making bracelets for money — which she would share — and negotiates a deal with Evie to sell them in the cafe without, you know, consulting Sirena or considering that it's a lot of work. Sirena protests that it will take ages just to gather the materials, and Nixie just blithely says, "Sorry. Better get started, then."
    Sirena: I haven't even eaten.
    Nixie: [to Carly] Yeah, she'll have hers to go.
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  • "So what do we know about moon pool water? And if anyone says it's water from the moon pool, I'm going to be annoyed."
  • After Ondina accidentally turns Erik into a cat:
    Zac: Promise you'll never turn me into a cat.
    Evie: Of course not. [beat] I prefer dogs.
  • Sirena's first encounter with a telephone is quite a scene. As she and Lyla are sick at the time, they at first think their ears are ringing. Sirena sees one button (the speakerphone button) flashing on the phone and presses it, and David starts speaking.
    Sirena: Wow, you sound just like a real boy!
    David: That... would be because I am a real boy.
    Sirena: Really? {examines phone} You don't look like one.
    David: Gee, thanks. Wait, you sound familiar. Do I know you?
    Sirena: I'm pretty sure we've never spoken before.
    David: Yes, we have! You're Sirena, right?
    Sirena: How did you know?!
    David: It's David, over at the Ocean Café!
    Sirena: David? {tries to pry the phone from the wall, as though looking for David behind it} How did you get in there?!
    David: ...Through the front door like always?

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