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  • Nao pantses Natsuki on the side of an empty highway when they're trying to hitchhike....and they promptly get arrested by the Aries border guard for indecent exposure. Even Yukino briefly cracks a smile when she sees the report.
  • Nao complains to Arika and Nina about how her new job as one of the Five Columns will result in her ending up an old maid... with Miss Maria in earshot. Arika and Nina quickly excuse themselves, while Nao's facial expression clearly shows she knows what's coming next for her.
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  • After Arika wakes up half-naked with a similarly half-naked Sergey:
    Sergey: Wait! Antsy! Would you cover up that poor excuse for a chest, please!
  • The looks on the faces of Natsuki, Mashiro, Arika, and Mai when Miss Maria shows up in her Otome form.

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