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Funny / Magnum, P.I. (2018)

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  • Anytime Zeus and Apollo show up in a scene with Magnum, chances are that it'll end in a chase scene or an attack just to intimidate him.


  • When TC was telling junior league players in "Black is the Widow" that there's a surprise, they're all wondering if Higgins is the surprise. Turns out that it's Christian Yellich.
  • Just about anything involving dim-witted thief Jin.
    • He's first shown wearing a huge fake beard and mustache. He peels them off to show he has a smaller stache and goatee underneath. He explains that since everyone is looking for a guy with a mustache, by wearing a huge fake one, they'll never think it's him. Magnum and Higgins can only stare.
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    • "A Game of Cat and Mouse" has him mention that Halawa Corrections is his favorite resort.
    • A horrified Higgins finds Jin (crashing at the manor) playing a game of pool...naked. And his saying she's "fighting your animal attraction to me."
  • At a house, Higgins is held at bay by an angry dog. After so many bad times with her Dobermans, Magnum can only laugh hysterically at how Higgins now knows exactly how it feels to experience that. He even takes photos of it.

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