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  • The orchestral version of "All My Loving" playing over Aunt Jessie and Buster Bloodvessel's romantic Dream Sequence
  • The incomprehensible soldier played by Victor Spinetti is hilarious.
    • Especially his one comprehensible word in an exchange with Ringo. "Why?"
  • "Come with me now to that secret place, where the eyes of Man have never set foot..."
  • The ridiculous and thoroughly incomprehensible race scene, especially since it just shows up out of nowhere with zero explanation of why it was happening. It was just so much of a Mind Screw that it wound up looping around to being quite comical.
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  • Everyone getting into an 'incredibly' tiny tent to watch "Blue Jay Way" is funny in and of itself...But everyone leaving the tent afterwards, then getting back on the bus...and said bus running the tent over—that's hilarious.


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