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  • Episode 1, Yuuno rightfully getting upset that Chrono just calls him a ferret instead of his own name.
  • Vita screwing up Nanoha's name in episode 5.
    Vita: Takamachi Nantoka! ("Something-Or-Other")
    Nanoha: (with Blank White Eyes) It's Nanoha! Na-no-ha!
  • And another scene with Nanoha and Vita in episode 5. It's doubly funny because it's a Lysistrata reference of all things.
    Vita: "You know, we have a saying in Belka. 'If you're an emissary of peace, don't carry a spear.' Even though you say you want to talk, you come armed, idiot!"
    Zafira: "And that's not a saying. It's the punch line to a joke."
    • Also from episode 5, Zafira insisting he's not a familiar but rather a "guardian beast". Arf points out that the two terms basically mean the exact same thing.
  • The Wolkenritter's introduction to Hayate. Namely, after the Book of Darkness summons them, Vita discovers that their new mistress has fainted.
    • And to top it off, after they take Hayate to the hospital, she and the Wolkenritter make up a quick excuse as to their situation; the Wolkenritter are Hayate's relatives who came from her faraway native country to celebrate her birthday and came in costume to surprise her. Seeing Zafira's ears twitch gave off a couple more chuckles.
    • The re-entering Eyecatch in episode 6 was of Nanoha dreaming that she was eating steamed yams. And then we find out that she's just dreaming and what she's "munching" on is Yunno (ferret form, of course).
  • When Lotte encounters almost any adorable earnest boy, specifically Chrono or Yuuno, she responds with lethal force.
  • Chrono getting flustered and dropping things after Fate, who is considering being adopted by his mother, calls him "onii-chan" (big brother) in the second sound stage.
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  • Fate trying to get a cellphone. Nanoha, Alisa, and Suzuka start going on lengths about why she would want various features on a cellphone. Fate ends up getting a notepad.note 
  • From the manga, Suzuka defeats Fate by knockout... in a game of dodgeball.
  • Vita accuses the TSAB (and by extension Nanoha) of being extremely untrustworthy. Nanoha's response? "I'm not from the Administration Bureau. I'm just a citizen collaborator." Right. Because that sounds so much better.
  • According to the Movie a la Carte manga, the Book of Darkness doesn't actually float. Rather, Reinforce is holding up while invisible. And she trips, leaving Hayate to wonder how a flying magical tome of untold power manages to fall down.
    • In a later chapter, when Hayate and Fate are trapped in their Book of Darkness induced dreams they realize that something is wrong... they haven't made their Christmas Cards yet. Cue Reinforce trying to properly write kanji while Dream Linith and Precia try to make Japanese paper (first traditionally, and then with SCIENCE!)
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  • Raising Heart's comment on their Belkan Cartridge upgrade in the movie.
    Raising Heart: Pretty chic, isn't it?

The Movie 2nd A's commentary

  • How the Wolkenritter introduce themselves, particularly Zafira.
    Shamal: "Hello, I'm Shamal."
    Signum: "I'm Signum''.
    Vita: "And me, Vita and..."
    Zafira: ""
    Miura: "Well, master, your name."
    Zafira: "Hm... I'm Zafira."
  • Lutecia lampshades how she and Arf sound so similar. Then she starts to imitate her voice, much to Zafira and Fate's surprise.
  • Though, it's more a Tear Jerker. The five children start to cry during the scene where Vita and Signum hunt Linker Cores from monsters, because of their reason to save Hayate. Then Agito asks Nanoha to do something, but Nanoha and Fate start crying, too, because they make the children cry with this movie.


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