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"CATS! and the Weird Mind of T. S. Eliot

  • Her discussion of the significance of personal names and how people taking on names of ancestors, like monarchs assuming the names of their royal predecessors, serve as a way for them to make claims on the land and property they owned goes a bit off the rails and touches on events of The Rise of Skywalker:
    Maggie: Which makes it even more infuriating that Rey is a Palpatine. [growing anger] In this essay, I will EXPOS-
    [Text: "An error occurred."]
"American Desert: Breaking Bad & Punishment Park"
  • The opening, featuring her sitting on a chair obviously fake-laughing at a book she's holding upside-down.
  • Her advising the viewer to pop a Werther's Original candy:
    Maggie: By the end of the video, it'll still be hard and tasteless. [unwraps one and puts it in her mouth]. Mm-m, that's some good American manufacturing.
  • At the end of the video, she is still sucking on it and casually spits it out.
"How to Make a Martha: Zack Snyder, Part 3"
  • The entire Running Gag about the huge amounts of money Snyder is regularly given.
  • Part three, twenty minutes into a 50-minute video, is called "Shut Up, Maggie" and is a guest spot by Eric Sophia, who opens their bit by announcing that Snyder is "doing a heccin' gender".
  • The close of Eric Sophia's bit:
    "Hollywood, please, give someone who understands that gender is a crock of shit a ton of money to make movies instead. Or, Zack, if you're gonna do it, fine, but don't adapt The Fountainhead for the silver screen. Adapt Ways of Seeing instead! You can even buy my copy off me! For twenty million dollars.
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  • Maggie decides that the obvious parallel to Snyder's work is...Twilight.
    Maggie: And I'm not just saying that because it's hilarious. Which it is.

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