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  • "I'm Going Bananas", and Madonna's occasional SNL guest spots (most notably her parodying her wedding to Sean Penn).
    • Her appearance on "Linda Richman's 'Coffee Talk'" was hilarious.
  • Madonna is the one who pitched the idea of "Like A Surgeon".
  • At the '99 VMA's there was a small tribute to Madonna during the show, right before she was to present an award, she was preceded by a cavalcade of some of her most famous looks... being modeled by Drag Queens. After passing by all of them, she turned and summed it up perfectly: "All I have to say is that it takes a real man to fill my shoes."
    • That one overlaps with heartwarming; a lot of the drag queens were fans of Madonna, and reportedly had no idea she herself was going to appear.
  • Pokes fun at her super stardom in <I>Star</I>, directed by her then husband Guy Ritchie. She even shows enough guts and humor to wet herself in the film.

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