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  • Pretty much the entirety of, "Thrift Shop," though, some examples so's not to make this edit seem like a cop out.
    • "Walk up to the club, like, what up I got a big cock!"
      • In some censored versions, "cock" is censored by a rooster sound.
    • "Probably should have washed this, smells like R. Kelly's sheets"
    • "I'mma take your grandpa's style! No, for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand me downs?"
      • "Thank you!"
    • "They had a broken keyboard, I bought a broken keyboard, bought a skeet blanket note , then I bought a knee board."
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  • The video for "Thrift Shop" is this for those familiar with Seattle - all of those locations are actual thrift shops in the city note , including the Goodwill Outlet on Sixth Street South where they take all the junk and oddball stuff that the regular Goodwill can't even sell at their stores and sells it by the pound (those are the "bins" he's referring to).
  • Some choice moments in "White Walls include:
    • After Macklemore raps the line "in my C A D I L L A C, bitch," you can faintly hear "...biaaaaatch." It's the matter of fact delivery that sells it.
    • After he mentions "In my paint, wet, dripping, shining like my 24s" before sheepishly admitting in the very next line, "... I don't got 24s..."
    • While bragging on the car, he feels the need to add, "Don't pay attention to the mileage." It's made better by the fact that it's apparently being said by Angel!Bernie Mac.
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  • The exposition voice-over at the beginning of "And We Danced". "He brought the only woman he ever loved… his horse."
  • In this Funny or Die video, a greedy record producer ask Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to change a lot of things about them. Macklemore refuses but does agree that Ryan Lewis needs to change his name because it's both first names. Ryan Lewis' reaction is priceless!
  • The music video for Glorious, on top of being incredibly adorable and heartwarming, culminates in Mack hiring several male strippers for his grandmother and her friends; the looks on their faces are hilarious.

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