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  • While in jail, you could do anything you can think of to annoy the guard. "Shut up in there, will ya!!!"
    • Also, "(What) the hell are you doing?"
  • Psycho Mantis saying the games Solid Snake—no, the player likes! It is also one of the Easter Eggs found before your fight against him, along with the photos of the developers behind him.
    • Ocelot also does a Fourth Wall banger to the player during the interrogation stage.
    • Ocelot dropping his revolver while trying to twirl it with his left hand in The Twin Snakes. Especially with how he just stares at Snake for a second like "oh shit" before picking it back up.
      • Even funnier when you remember that in both MGS2 and MGS3, the latter taking place decades before this one, he was spinning a gun around with his left hand without an issue in most of his appearances, so this was a legit clumsy moment from Ocelot.
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  • Try calling Mei Ling repeatedly and refusing to save. The look on her face when she realizes Snake is screwing with her is just priceless.
  • In the PS1 version, when Snake sees Liquid walking towards him and Meryl/Otacon while they're trapped under the Jeep, and just mutters "Uh-oh", as if this isn't the very worst thing that could possibly happen.
  • This gem just before Snake's fight with the Cyborg Ninja:
  • If you call Snake's codec team after interacting with Johnny, you'll hear Snake talk with a cold.
  • Several of the nonstandard game overs, such as purposely tripping the C4 Baker is tied to.
    Ocelot: YOU IDIOT!
  • An unintentional one (but that probably makes it even funnier): if your health is low enough, Meryl can slap you to death.
  • If you call Miller while on a noisy floor, he'll give the player advice for sneaking around in real life. Snake then remarks, flustered, that he literally can't do what Miller advised.
  • The Twin Snakes is filled with both Narm and intentional over-the-top humor. One moment is when Snake pitches a grenade like a baseball down the tank's gun barrel, sending a flaming soldier ragdolling away from the wreck. Said soldier lies on the ground for a few seconds, on fire, then gets up and begins screaming and rapidly patting at the flames before Snake punches him out cold.
    • Just as funny is Snake's reaction to Baker forgetting Meryl's frequency: from grumbling "damn." in the original to flailing about and pointing his gun at Baker in blind rage in TTS.
    • In the infamous scene in TTS, when Snake jumps off the Hind's missile to shoot his own, when it connects, we quickly cut back to Snake, who falls on his neck as the Hind spirals out of control in the background.
  • Vulcan Raven suddenly bringing up the Eskimo-Indian Olympics during his pre-fight taunts, with Snake sarcastically quipping that he must be really good at the muktuk eating contest. Raven confirms this with the same gravity he uses in the rest of the conversation. You are now picturing Vulcan Raven at the Eskimo equivalent of a pie-eating contest (except you are eating a raw slab of whale skin and blubber). TTS changed Snake's quip into a belief that Raven excelled at the "Stick Pull" and "Four Man Carry" events.
  • When Meryl asks Snake how he recognized her under the disguise, he bluntly responds with this:
    • It gets even better afterwards in TTS, where Snake's next line about how "on the battlefield, you never think about what's next" has a noticeably-longer pause between the end of the line and the scene fading out. You can just feel him regret saying it.
  • In Twin Snakes, after the first Sniper Wolf fight and Snake is captured. One of the grunts tries to knock him out from behind. It doesn't seem to have any effect beyond just angering Snake, he turns to the grunt who backs off fearfully... before Snake drops like a ton of rocks.
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  • Calling Nastasha while having weapons and gear equipped will have her give you some helpful information about them. Call her while you're hiding in a cardboard box, and she'll give a much longer and ludicrously well-detailed spiel about corrugated cardboard's history, construction, and its many practical applications, all with a completely straight face.
  • In one of TTS' briefing videos Snake is offered a smoke, and Naomi spends the duration of the footage trying to take it off him, finally succeeding right at the end and stomps it flat.
  • Some of the things Master Miller says becomes funny in hindsight, after you know that Miller is Liquid in disguise. Such as advising Snake to "wear a hat" to keep his head warm, or telling Snake flat out, "If all else fails, call Campbell for advice".
  • Codec talk, before Hind battle:
    Campbell: It looks like Liquid wants to have a showdown with you. I'm looking at Mei Ling's digitally enhanced satellite images right now.
    Naomi: Snake, he's waiting for you. He's just circling around like a buzzard.
    Snake: I hope everyone is enjoying a live broadcast?
  • In the scene before the torture mini game, Sniper Wolf in the remake tries to seduce Solid Snake by caressing his body, only to get frustrated that he isn't reacting. Not a moment later, Ocelot leans in expecting a kiss from Wolf, which grosses her out and she storms out of the room.
  • If you fail to follow Meryl's footsteps across the small minefield, and set off a mine, Meryl will shrug her arms as if to say, "Well, I tried."
  • After escaping the gas room, and before confronting Liquid at the Metal Gear Rex (before the cutscene starts), get out your sniper rifle and shoot at Liquid's head. Liquid responds by rubbing his face, as if scratching an itch. note 


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