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  • Apparently Chrom has lost five games in a row against Robin in chess before Lucina comes in with the tome.
  • Whatever Cordelia saw in the tome, it's certainly not safe for work. It's bad enough that she tries to destroy the tome while yelling that she wants nothing to do with it.
  • Morgan's first thought about the tome is to use it to ship people. Literally. She then proceeds to blackmail Lucina into reading it so she feels jealous enough to pursue her father.
  • Olivia is apparently an immense pervert. Even more hilarious because she remains a Shrinking Violet while being perverted.
    I w-wish I could repeat t-that....w-with the real G-Gaius....
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  • Sully's response to Lia casting Meteor on her.
  • Later, Lia referring to Lucina as Maka, Robin's deadpan response to her Love Confession, and then Lucina dispatching her with one punch.
  • How the entire thing kicked off: Blake dropped a tome meant for Weiss in Ylisse while taking the Lagann for a joyride through the dimensions/Outrealms. Seriously.
  • The whole of chapter 7.
  • Lon'qu pretty much being the Spear Counterpart to Lucina in respect to Suspiciously Specific Denial and Cordelia. Morgan even exploits this to blackmail Lon'qu into helping her.
  • Lucina and Robin's absolutely adorable exchange while reading 'Sleep Crossed Lovers'.
  • Also, during the same chapter, Robin's response to Male!Morgan and Female!Robin.
  • Morgan and Todd's scheme to get Lucina and Robin together; by shoving Lucina in the most Stripperiffic costume they can. They get Sumia to join in, too.
    • Tharja drooling over two Robins.
    • Also, Reflet kissing Robin to see if a paradox would happen. She then offers to kiss a jealous Lucina when she enters the room.
  • The Valentine's Day special:
    • Morgan gets out-antic'd by Todd and Noire, of all people, while Lucina and Robin are trapped in a library, dosed with love potion by Reflet.
    • Lucina and Robin then get an Almost Kiss....interrupted by Tharja. Needless to say, Lucina's reaction is not the calmest.
  • Lucina's absolutely calm reaction to anything horrifying, contrasted with Henry's and Maribelle.
  • The love potion's effects on people. Even Virion, Walhart and Chrom were affected.
    Did I fucking stutter? (referring to her requesting Robin to have sex with her)
    • Tharja calling Aversa an 'oversexed deviant'.
    • Morgan's protest when she gets cornered by the anti-Justice Cabal (Cordelia, Libra, Panne, Kellam and Lon'qu).
    • Referring to the above comment, the reviewers outright agreed with Morgan, to the point that one actually says that Morgan shouldn't disappear because her parents are too dumb to realise they love each other.

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