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    Jack Evans 
  • Jack Evans, in general. He may just be the biggest, most gaping, most prolapsed asshole in the history of wrestling. But he is also the funniest.
    • Jack Evans invented modern lucha libre.
    • After he beat Drago in the beginning of Season 2, he became Jack "The Dragonslayer" Evans".
    • And then, before fighting Sexy Star, he calls himself "The Star Destroyer".
    • Jack explains the history of nunchucks.
    • Jack talks crap about a random LU fan to his face.
    • Jack Evans vs. Fenix, specifically all the crap he talks to Fenix at the beginning.
      Jack Evans: FENIX!!! Please do not listen to these people! They have given me a bad reputation! In reality, I'm actually a REEEALLY NICE GUY!!! And under my tutelage, maybe one day you can make the midcard.
    • While Trios Champion, Jack picked up a new signature move, which Naruto fans will recognize as Kakashi's Thousand Years of Death!
    • During a trios match with his pals in the Worldwide Underground, Jack starts off the match against Drago, and out of ego, proceeds to blindfold himself. PJ Black immediately senses disaster and tags himself in, knocking Jack down and sparking an argument. As they argue, Taya breaks it up and tags in. Later, after a few too many stiff tags, Jack ends up sitting on the floor and pouting like a scolded, angry child.
    • Jack tries out some amateur ventriloquism during a match with Sexy Star....using Sexy Star as the dummy. It didn't go well.
    • And don't forget his assertion that Ivelisse can't possibly be the "baddest bitch in the building", because JACK owns that title. Even Matt and Vampiro had to question that one.
    • When Jack Evans enters Aztec Warfare II, the masked luchadors in the ring (Fenix, Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma) are already beating up on fellow cocky gringo rudo Johnny Mundo, trying to stomp a hole in him. Evans launches himself into the ring, but the luchadors step back and Mundo rolls away to safety, causing Evans to face plant in the center of the ring, making himself Mundo's immediate replacement as the boot receptacle for Fenix, Rey and Puma. Mundo attempts to reenter the ring, causing all three of them to immediately turn their attention back to him again... so Mundo begins to put the boot into Evans as well. The others aren't having it and throw him out. The punchline came after Mundo pulled Evans out of the ring to safety:
    Evans: Why were you kicking me?!
    Mundo: I was trying to blend in!
    Evans: That's a good point!
    • During Season 3, Evans suffered an injury and had his jaw wired shut. However, this has not stopped him from making snide remarks. In a match where he accompanied the Worldwide Underground, he brought along a sign and wrote comments on it throughout the match, much like Sign Guy Dudley in ECW, or Elizabeth in Gintama.
    • Even Evans' last match with Lucha Underground was hilarious.
      • Hijacking the ring to bombastically declare that he was quitting since XO Lishus was allowed to compete in the Temple, then bragging that he would've "ripped Matanza's head off" if he'd been at Johnny Mundo and Taya's wedding.
      • Calling Antonio Cueto "Old man that looks and sounds like Satan".
      • Backpedalling and trying to run away when declared one of Matanza's sacrifices, actually getting away from the Monster only to be tripped coming down the stairs by Antonio and his cane.
      • The "I am so screwed" look on his face when being dragged back by Matanza.

    Joey Ryan 
  • Joey Ryan has also had plenty of funny moments since arriving in the Temple.
    • His pre-match ritual of oiling up his hairy chest....and the inside of his tights.
    • During a match with Marty "The Moth" Martinez, Marty boots Joey in the stomach, pulls the trademark lollipop out of Joey's mouth, and sticks it in his mouth. Joey then boots Marty in the stomach, takes back the lollipop, and returns it to HIS mouth. Hope Joey Ryan has a really strong immune system, because ick.
      • Finally, Marty steals the lollipop again and offers it to his (then) tag partner Killshot, who slaps it away in disgust.
    • Mascarita Sagrada tries to boot him in the dick...and ended up hurting his foot.
    • His entrances with the Crew, who walk in all stoic and badass. Then he just runs right by them and tries to soak up all the attention, while they look at him like "The hell is wrong with this guy?"
    • The fact JOEY RYAN is playing a cop. On the one hand, the idea that such a sleazeball could actually be entrusted with protecting law and order is laughable as hell, but then again, he wouldn't be out of place in a lot of cop movies either, especially ones from the Eighties.
    • While Killshot is working out, Joey delivers him a note from someone outside. When Killshot asks what the guy looked like, Joey responds with this epic line:
    Joey Ryan: I don't know. What do I look like, a detective?
    • During Aztec Warfare II, Joey Ryan enters at #6 and... handcuffs himself to the railings outside the ring so he can't be pinned or made to submit in the ring, taunting the other wrestlers by challenging them to "Pin me now!" As you might imagine, this backfires on him many times throughout the event, from people randomly kicking or punching him in passing, to catching Drago's poison mist full in the face, to having Fenix throw Mascarita Sagrada at him. Worst of all, after clearing the ring Matanza set his sights on Ryan, who began desperately rooting around in his trunks for the key to the cuffs as the monster bore down on him, beat him up and ripped the railing apart to throw Ryan into the ring, then slam him three times and eliminate him, with Ryan having done nothing except get beaten up for the entire event. What an Idiot!!
      • He pulls the same trick at Aztec Warfare III, entering at #17, and this time...handcuffs himself to the railing on the stairs, because even Matanza can't pull steel out of concrete! And then comes #18....Mil Muertes. And Joey just happens to be right in his path. Mil slowly walks down as Joey pleads for him to just enter the ring and fight everyone else. Mil does not take that idea, and instead breaks the cuff in half, throws Ryan in the ring, and Flatliners him for the elimination. Once again, What an Idiot!!
    • His reason for turning police mole for Dario Cueto? He's got child support to pay!
    • During a tag team match between him and Jack Evans vs Ivelisse and XO Lishus, Lishus uses his...assets to pound Joey again and again. Joey hits the mat and looks in utter awe at this flamboyant wrestler as if he's fallen in love. The Believers chanting "Joey likes it!" helps out.

    Famous B and the Beautiful Brenda 
  • Ever since his reintroduction during Season 2, Famous B and his valet, the Beautiful Brenda, have provided quite a few funny moments.
    • His ads, promising to make you famous if you just call 423-GET-FAME. That's 423-...GET-FAME. (As an aside, yes that is a real phone number, and you yourself can call it, and leave famous B a voicemail explaining why you should be famous.)
    • At the end of one, the scene switches to a TV playing the ad...and then it pans out to show El Dragon Azteca Jr. watching. Famous B's ads are in universe too, which is brilliant in a way.
      • And then he shows up in the front row of Aztec Warfare II and starts handing out business cards to all and sundry, including the handcuffed Joey Ryan.
    • Famous B gets Mascarita Sagrada a match for an Aztec Medallion, and when Sagrada, Famous B, and the Beautiful Brenda walk down to the ring, they're all super pumped, especially Sagrada. Then this happens.
      Melissa Santos: And his opponent...from the 5-5-9....-
      Matt Striker: What?
      Melissa Santos: They call him...[comes real close to Corpsing]
      Vampiro: What?
      Melissa Santos: Cage.
      [Mascarita looks annoyed with Famous B and then kneels in prayer]
      Famous B: [yelling] You got it, come on!
      • Cage catches Mascarita when he jumps off the turnbuckle, and before finishing the match, he points to Famous B and goes "I'm sorry, it's his fault."
      • Also this little exchange in the ring at the end of the match:
      Famous B: You just got robbed.
      Cage: What do you mean? I won the match!
      Famous: No, you got robbed.
      <points over Cage's shoulder at Chavo scarpering up the stairs after swiping Cage's Aztec Medallion out of the ref's hands>
    • During an early Season 3 tag match pitting Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr. against Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada, the Beautiful Brenda was heard several times calling Sagrada a "bad baby".
      • Not to mention that for that same match, Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada rolled in on Havoc's bike, complete with a sidecar for Mascarita. The fans went crazy and Famous B's eyes nearly popped out of his head.
      • Brenda topped herself after Havoc announced a Believers' Backlash match, audibly calling Sagrada a "son of a bitched baby".
    • The Beliver's Backlash match between Mascarita Sagrada and Famous B promised to be a hilarious blast, and oh man did it deliver:
      • It started with Mascarita putting on a set of football pads and a helmet and crash-tackling Famous B (apparently headbutting him in the nuts).
      • With B writhing on the ground, Mascarita went under the ring and started, with some difficulty, to drag out a ladder. With Matt Striker floating the possibility of it being a 20 or even 30-footer, Mascarita gave it one last heave and pulled out... a tiny stepladder less than 3 feet tall. He then set it up on the announcers' table, climbed it and dived off onto Famous B.
      • Famous B grabbed a weapon from one of the crowd- a huge bag of popcorn. He went to hit Mascarita with it, but Mascarita tripped him with a drop toehold and B fell forward onto the bag, sending popcorn flying everywhere!
      • Famous B stuffed Mascarita into a trash bin and slammed the lid down. Grabbing a pair of what looked like polo mallets from a spectator, he started whacking the bin, only for Mascarita to burst out like a jack-in-the-box and beat him up with the lid.
      • Brenda goes to offer B his wizard hat and magic wand only for him to angrily remind her that this isn't a commercial. Later, with B slumped in the corner of the ring, Mascarita dons the hat and wields the wand himself before "magically" producing a bowling ball from a small bag... which he proceeds to bowl right into Famous B's crotch!
      • When Dr. Wagner Jr. runs in on the match to help his manager, he picks up a framed picture that ended up in the ring and goes to hit Mascarita with it, only for Famous B to take it off him, because it's a picture of him. He seems entranced by his own appearance, and manages to miss Son of Havoc hitting the ring to drive Wagner off, inevitably leading to Mascarita getting his hands on the picture and smashing it over B's head.
      • Brenda gets a cream pie right to the face after Famous B ducks, reducing her to hysterical tears. Later, after some of the audience have started hurling rolls of toilet paper into the ring, a sobbing Brenda can be seen using the toilet paper to try and wipe her face clean.
      • After Mascarita get the pin and throws Famous B out of the ring, Son of Havoc reenters with the cardboard standee of B that had been at ringside and hold it while Mascarita cuts its head off with a comically large pair of shears, then poses with his own masked head on top of the cardboard B's body. B for his part, massive egotist that he is, reacts almost like the standee was a voodoo doll, selling it as if his actual head was being cut off!
      • It's also worth noting that said comically large shears were brought by none other than LU's own ring announcer Melissa Santos.
    • From Aztec Warfare III, Famous B enters the match and gives Rey Mysterio a card offering to become his manager. Rey opts to not dial 423, instead he dials 619 and hits it and eliminates B.
    • More from Famous B. He goes to give Dr. Wagner one of his long wind up introductions at the beginning of a Battle of the Bulls four-way, only for Cage to decide to hit the fast forward button by cleaning his clock with a lariat that takes him out and the match impromptu starts.
    • Famous B has his sights on getting Texano as a client, and attempts to impress him during a match by coming out with Brenda in a full on cowboy outfit, complete with an outrageous Southern accent. Though he does manage to save Texano by stopping Joey Ryan from getting Texano's bull rope, allowing Brenda to pass Texano a golden horseshoe that Texano clubs Joey with to win, Texano is still not into the idea of B as a manager (though he may feel differently about Brenda...).
      • B tried with Texano again at the start of the Cueto Cup, having actually been booked as Texano's opponent in the first round (since he's still on the roster as a wrestler). Saying he wanted to help Texano, not fight him, B offered to lie down for Texano and promptly did so. A bewildered Texano covered him... then pulled him up after the two counts, smirked, then dragged B to his feet and treated him to a sit-out powerbomb instead before picking up the pin. Then Brenda gave him an appreciative (and REAL loud) slap on the butt as he was leaving.
    • In the next round of the Cueto Cup, Texano is taking on the Mack. Famous B and Brenda enter, and Famous B proceeds to giddy-up into the ring and shoot the Mack...with a water pistol. Texano does get the win as a result, but not before B eats a stunner.
    • And then in the quarterfinals, Texano is up against Pentagon Dark, and once again, Famous B and Brenda arrive to aid Texano against his will. B throws the golden horseshoe to Texano while Brenda distracts the ref....but overshoots his throw and sends it into the hands of Pentagon. Seconds later, Mr. Horseshoe meets Mr. Texano's Skull, and Pentagon knocks Texano out of the tournament. Then Pentagon goes to do his arm breaking ritual on Texano, but B gets in the ring and demands that Pentagon not damage his future client. This allows Texano to escape, but B makes the mistake of turning his back on Pentagon, which allows Pentagon to drop B and break his arm for the second time. Brenda gets in the ring to help B as Pentagon leaves, and that makes Pentagon stop....then come back, grab Brenda, and break HER arm as well. Well done, Famous B and Brenda.
    • During Infamous Incorporated member Big Bad Steve's match with Killshot, Brenda at ringside kept yelling at him to hit Killshot with his "hot rod".

     The Rabbit Tribe 
  • Paul London's Rabbit Tribe are implied to be tripping balls at all times. Mala Suerte is also hilarious because of his tendency to cause bad luck in matches, whether that's for his opponents, or him and his teammates. To describe it like this would be an understatement, so let's jot a list of what happened in their debut match alone:
    • London, Mala Suerte and Saltador link hands and dance ring-around-the-rosy around Melissa Santos when they first appeared in the ring, and they would repeat this later against Fenix.
    • London and Saltador have Fenix in arm-bars and Mala Suerte is signalling the two to move farther and farther back, as if signalling that he's going to pull off an aerial attack. Mala Suerte hypes himself and...hops down, rushes toward Fenix and then dropkicks him.
    • While Mala Suerte and Fenix square off, London and Saltador drag Drago and Aerostar off the ring and jump in their places. Thus when Fenix tries to tag his teammates in, he's encountering London with his arm out laughing and screaming for Fenix to take in the tag.
    • When Saltador tries to attack Fenix in a corner (With London outside), Fenix dodges to the side so Saltador is gonna attack London, right? Nope, he pauses, and he and London clap hands. And when Fenix tries to drop-kick London off the ring, London has grabbed the ropes and poses in Looney Tunes style as if unfazed that he just got kicked in the face.
  • The Rabbit Tribe encountered Mascarita Sagrada backstage and quickly became groupies, bowing in supplication to him while calling him the White Rabbit that led their tribe. Mascarita thoroughly denied it before stating that they were crazy and leaving the starstruck Rabbits behind. Weeks later, London and Mala Suerte encounter Mascarita once more and Sagrada (once again) leaves them while denying their claims and London just smiles at how amazing their "Rabbit King" was.
  • During the round 1 Cueto Cup match between Mack and Mala Suerte, the Rabbit Tribe member repeats his usual trick of setting up a massive aerial move off the far turnbuckle then hopping down and delivering an anticlimactic attack instead, this time dropping a running senton on Mack. The Believers good-naturedly played along with his antics by chanting "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" anyway.
    • Round 2 has Saltador against Marty "The Moth" Martinez, and the Rabbit Tribe member actually out-weirds the same guy the Believers chant "Creepy Bastard!" at too. This time the Believers started chanting "THIS IS WEIRD! THIS IS WEIRD!"
    • And in Round 3, Paul London is facing off against the Snake Tribe's Vibora, and it looks like London's headed for a beatdown...until Mala Suerte and Saltador come rushing out into the ring...and jump over the rope and hide under the apron. But it wasn't them being trippy...because after Vibora threw London back into the ring, they pop out and grab his legs, preventing him from getting back into the ring and thus giving London the victory by count out.
      • London himself was in full-on Looney Tunes mode for that match as well. He came out with an entire carrot (with a long green stalk like a feather) tucked into his Nice Hat. When it started to look like Vibora was more than he could handle, he ran across to the ringpost where he'd left his hat, grabbed the carrot, then jumped out of the ring, grabbed Kobra Moon and tried to take her hostage by holding the carrot to her jugular! Kobra Moon herself was more amused than afraid, and after shoving her into Vibora, London climbed onto the apron, dramatically raised the carrot above his head like a dagger and leaped down at Vibora to attack him with it, only for the giant snake-man to swat him out of the air. The ever-obliging Believers started chanting "SAVE THE CARROT! SAVE THE CARROT!"
      Matt Striker: Now holding Kobra Moon hostage with the carrot. I cannot believe I'm calling this.
  • Mascarita Sagrada (wearing a glittery cape) approaches the Rabbit Tribe, in which London and Mala Suerte are playing checkers on Saltador, and London apologizes to Mascarita for failing to be in the Cuerto Cup. Mascarita says nothing but instead gives them a large gift box before leaving. The scene is absolutely hilarious, so let's break it down:
    • Mala Suerte is about to open it, but London stops him because he has to "read the card". The card reads, "Hopes this brings you good luck."
    • Saltador and Mala Suerte open the box in glee and the next few seconds has London laughing while styrofoam peanuts and tissue paper gets tossed about. After this, what was Mascarita's gift? Well...
    • Dangling on a keychain is a rabbit's foot. The three can only look at it with horror before they scream.
  • During a match against the Worldwide Underground (Taya, PJ Black, and Ricky Mandel), Taya is about to do her double knee attack to Mala Suerte, who is sitting in the opposite turnbuckle, when Saltador jumps in the ring and stacks himself on top of Mala Suerte, then dares Taya to attack. Before she can, London stops her and explains "We do everything together", then also stacks himself on his team. Taya hits the double knees, and the Rabbit Tribe roll away, looking quite happy. This prompted a chant of "Lucky bastards!"
    • It also seems that they got over the horror of Sagrada's gift, because Mala Suerte is wearing the rabbit's foot keychain. Apparently it helps as well, since they defeated the Worldwide Underground and got into the Gift of the Gods match.
  • Saltador and Taya start the match off with Saltador out-weirding Taya out. When they grapple, Saltador even gets a feel for her ass, with Taya absolutely disgusted and mouthing out "Perv" toward him.
    • Jack Evans accompanies Worldwide Underground with a whiteboard where he writes various comments throughout the match. One notable one is after he knocks London's balance off the ringpost, his sign reads, "London is falling down, falling down, falling down!"
      • Speaking of Mandel, when he pulls off a Johnny Mundo pose, this gives the Rabbit Tribe enough time to circle him before all three members sock him in the face.
    • As a giant brawl is happening and everyone spills out and engages in fights, the Rabbit Tribe can be seen on the roof of Dario's office watching on, doing commentary, and munching away on carrots as it happens.
  • In "Sacrificio", London and Saltador talk about the furniture with ridiculous accents that reflect the Disney Mad Hatter and March Hare.
    • For those who are into Black Comedy, the wacky music used in Mascarita's murder could be this.
  • Mala Suerte has to fight off against Matanza and the editing team adds cartoony sound-effects for Mala Suerte's assaults (as good as it does him as he's immediately hit with Wrath of the Gods).
  • In "The Hunted", London returns to visit the White Rabbit and states that he was waiting outside for about a month. And when he explains how he sacrificed Mala Suerte and Saltador to Mantanza, it cuts to the White Rabbit yawning and then he asks what happened to those two before interrupting London and suggesting taking him and the Rabbit mini (now named El Bunny, no seriously) to the Temple.
  • While the look was likely meant to evoke Eric Draven, some compared London's black ring gear and white facepaint in "The Moth and The Butterfly" to Dr. Frank-N-Furter instead.

  • Dario's tour of the Temple. Also contains this line, which sums up what Lucha Underground thinks of its competition:
    Dario Cueto: If you think it's too much, too aggressive, dangerous, bloody...change the channel. Or enjoy some other kind of wrestling... [chuckles] from Connecticut.
  • Dario's Reddit AMA. It's just a fountain of snarky shots, and no one is safe.
  • During Aztec Warfare 1, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, and Mil Muertes are left in the ring. Catrina jumps on the apron to try and interfere, but Puma grabs her by the hair. Mil comes charging in, but Puma gets out of the way and Mil barely puts the brakes on. Mundo takes this opportunity to go for a springboard kick to Mil, but misses and nails Catrina right in the face. All three men stop and stare as she crumples to the mat and the crowd goes nuts. Johnny looks freaked out and apologetic, while Mil is ready to murder him. Fortunately, Puma saves the day and Mil is eliminated by double team.
  • In their first match together, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico are facing off against Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar in the first Trios Tournament. Ivelisse is on the apron and Havoc goes for the tag....only to see her jump off and leave him hanging. She walks away to the steps, and in most wrestling matches that would be the end....but Drago and Aerostar, who are in the middle of a best of five series, also start arguing with each other, allowing Havoc to take advantage and get the win. As Melissa announces that they've won, Havoc is celebrating, Angelico is waking up on the other side of the ring confused but happy, and Ivelisse is shocked and furious.
  • During Vampiro's first interview with the Trios Championship-winning team of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico, the three of them immediately started bickering over who really deserved the credit for the win. As the argument got more heated, Vampiro Face Palmed then looked at the camera and just made a helpless gesture towards the bickering champions.
  • Dario Cueto's reaction to Johnny Mundo throwing Alberto El Patrón through his office window: at first he's a little confused, but then he just seems delighted at the random act of violence, even though there's glass all over his floor and the windowpane's fucked.
  • Melissa exclaiming "Oh shit!" and fleeing when Texano comes charging into the ring before she's even done announcing him.
  • Another Melissa Santos moment: Watch the time when Pentagon Jr. tried to break her arm, then watch any Pentagon Jr. match from then on. Whenever Melissa announces almost any other luchador, she puts lots of energy into introducing them, but when it's Pentagon, her tone becomes very flat and annoyed, and anyone listening knows she's thinking: "Fuck this dickhead."
    • Her gradual reactions to Marty "The Moth" Martinez and his constant No Sense of Personal Space regarding her are hilarious as well. It's like she's thinking what the Believers are chanting: "Creepy bastard."
  • After Pentagon Jr. defeats Vampiro in the Cero Miedo match, he gets on the mic to call for his master, but Vampiro starts screaming at him "BREAK IT!! BREAK IT MOTHERFUCKER!!" Pentagon turns to look at Vampiro and looks honestly confused, even shrugging at the crowd, as if to say "I don't get it either." When he goes for the armbreaking move, even he doesn't seem to know why he's doing it.
    • Considering the hell they both went through, it's possible Pentagon forgot all about his arm breaking ritual in the chaos and was just happy to have won.
  • If you're at a LU show and Mil Muertes tells you to move, MOVE. Or this will happen.
  • When Mil Muertes enters Aztec Warfare II at #20, everybody still vertical in the ring braces for the Man of a Thousand Deaths....until Pentagon Jr., who'd been snubbed from Aztec Warfare by Catrina for attacking her and Mil, comes blazing through the crowd and proceeds to hit Mil with a chair a few billion times before tossing him into the ring to get eliminated. It's hilariously badass that Pentagon decided the best way to confront walking death was to murder it with a chair.
  • The Easter Bunny comes to the Temple.
  • Dario has a plaque on his desk that says "I'm Kind Of A Big Deal".
  • Johnny Mundo, PJ Black and Jack Evans randomly air-guitaring after Mundo joins their team.
    • But when they do it, guitar actually plays.
  • Trios champs The Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, and Jack Evans) defend their trios titles against....these guys.
  • Vampiro's training with the injured Pentagon Jr. begins with Vampiro monologuing in a dark, mist-filled, occult-looking room, then when he calls for Pentagon to enter, he wheels awkwardly out of the shadows in a motorized wheelchair dressed in his full costume, like Masked Wrestler Davros.
  • A lot of the intro/background segments imply that in the LU!verse, LA is populated by roving packs of luchadors who attack people for no discernible reason.
  • Marty "The Moth" Martinez showing up for his Weapons of Mass Destruction match with Killshot looking like an extra from Platoon.
  • During Season 3, Lucha Underground picked up their first sponsor: Bagel Bites. Which is unveiled in a hilarious skit where Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada are recuperating at Son of Havoc's mom's place, where they're watching Famous B's ad and plotting their vengeance. Then Mom of Havoc walks in and offers them Bagel Bites, which both of them are real happy about.
  • Throughout Season 3, Johnny Mundo has been desperately trying to get a Lucha Underground/Gift of The Gods championship match, and each time Dario trolls him out of it, using nothing but fair and simple logic.
    • The first time, Dario refuses because every one of the Worldwide Underground lost at Ultima Lucha Dos, except for Taya, so he grants her the Gift of the Gods title shot against the champ Sexy Star.
    • The second time a few weeks later, Mundo points out that the Worldwide Underground defeated Fenix, Drago, Aerostar, and Sexy Star in an eight man tag, and pinned Sexy to boot. Dario agrees with him on that, but gives the title shot to Jack Evans, on the basis that he pinned Star, not Mundo.
    • Finally, at his wits end, Mundo gives back the 100,000 dollars he won in season 1. Dario relents and finally agrees to put Mundo against Sexy Star, but notices that some of the money is missing. Mundo then explains he had to use about six thousand of it to pay off some people. Without missing a beat, Dario goes: "Oh, right, those photos on the Internet."
  • One of the chants when Kobra Moon's Lizard Folk attacked was "Luchasaurus". It didn't help when their first match came around and Melissa announced their hometown as "From when reptiles ruled the earth."
    • It's also stuck outside the Temple, because when Vibora wrestles in independent shows outside of Lucha Underground, he performs as Luchasaurus.
  • When Mr. Cisco discovered Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro rifling through Dario Cueto's desk, his reason for trying to leave and inform Dario was that Castro and Ryan hadn't invited him along to "rob El Jefe" as well!
  • During the All Night Long match between Johnny Mundo and The Mack, the two men end up brawling at the top of the Temple steps using a stretcher board (which Mundo had introduced by pretending to be hurt to get Mack to lower his guard) as a weapon. Mack gets the upper hand, slams Mundo onto the board then buckles him onto it and, with evident relish, sends him sliding down the steps on it like a toboggan!
    • Later in the same match, after Mack had apparently been beaten unconscious by Mundo and PJ Black with kendo sticks, Son of Havoc came to his rescue. Beating down Mundo and Black to get a respite, he thumped on Dario's office door and demanded something to help revive the motionless challenger. When Dario offered him a bottle of water, Havoc slapped it from his hand and, with the entire crowd chanting "GIVE HIM BEER!", Dario came back with 2 cans of Modelo (another sponsor the show had picked up), which Havoc poured over Mack. With Matt Striker making comparisons to Popeye and spinach, Mack jumped up like someone had stuck an electrode in him, looking kind of dazed, but still in a fighting fury.
  • During the giant locker room brawl that eventuated as a result of the Mundo vs. Mysterio facedown the week before their match, almost everyone came out and had a shot at their rivals- Cage took on Mil, Fenix laid into Marty, Killshot blindsided Dante Fox and so on. However, one pairing that no-one expected (because it makes no sense at all) was Vinnie Massaro coming out and laying into Joey Ryan!
  • The "5-0 Street Fight" match between Cortez "Officer Reyes" Castro and Joey Ryan had its fair share of amusing spots, but none that got a bigger pop (and laugh) than when Castro put Ryan's Balls of Steel to the ultimate test by picking up the pot of hot coffee that had been set out alongside the donuts, pulling Ryan's trunks open, and pouring the boiling coffee over his junk! And then, as if that wasn't enough he grabbed a taser and applied that liberally to Joey's soaked genitalia!
  • At Aztec Warfare IV, Vinnie Massaro enters the match but stops as a Pizza Delivery Boy drops by and gives him a pizza that he ordered. Vinnie, slob that he is, shoves the boy away when he asks for his payment and enters the ring more focused on eating than wrestling. Too bad for him he crosses paths with Pentagon Dark who attacks and then hits his Package Piledriver on Vinnie onto the Pizza!.
    • Even funnier is that a piece of pepperoni from the pizza lingers in the ring for a good chunk of the match afterward.
    • Oh yeah, and a few episodes later before sacrificing him to the gods, Antonio fakes out Vinnie by ordering him a pizza (pineapple) and Matanza gives him Wrath of the Gods onto it!
    • The pizza guy from Aztec Warfare returned to the Temple to deliver the second pizza and later attempted to get his owed payment from Vinnie by rifling through his pockets post-Wrath of the Gods. Unfortunately for him, it resulted in him being sacrificed as well.
  • Just as Johnny Mundo is about to propose to Taya in "A Match Made in Heaven", he turns to PJ Black who has the engagement ring...stuffed in his trousers! He even puts a finger to his lips at the Believers to keep quiet about it.
  • The entirety of Johnny Mundo and Taya's wedding, prior to Matanza crashing it. Highlights include...
    • The color theme of the wedding was a violently neon lime green, making it one of the tackiest weddings ever seen. It was later revealed that Taya herself suggested the theme, to the legitimate bafflement of the producers.
    • The Beautiful Brenda was Taya's maid of honor and was very audibly making comments the entire time, even calling Antonio Cueto "Grandpa". She later escaped being destroyed by Matanza by fainting the very moment he looked at her.
    • Wedding official Famous B shilling Infamous Incorporated's wedding services complete with graphics.
    • Antonio Cueto provided tacos as a gift, preceded with him stating to "RING THAT BELL!"...Dinner bell, that is.
    • Famous B nearly managed to conclude the ceremony before Matanza crashed the wedding, and his shock caused him to hilariously deviate from pronouncing them man and wife.
      Famous B: I now pronounce you man and HOLY SHIT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!
  • During the epic cinematic for "Circle of Life" Catrina tries to throw a chain at Melissa Santos, who pauses and gives a look that says, "What the hell?" before they go back to killing each other.
  • In "Seven to Survive", Drago brings a forklift to help Aerostar, all while wearing a construction vest and a hard hat (with his horns sticking out of it)

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