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  • Shelena's internal monologue is full of mocking commentary, and she has low tolerance for stupidity and heroism.
    Maybe he'd be a good battle wizard one day? After all, he already learned how to run away from the monster looking as if he was gracing it by it.
  • Rest's attempts at saving Veres from Shelena's "clutches". First, he tries to use a sword. She disarms him with two kicks. When he returns, he comes with a crossbow. Shelena takes it, notes it's well-made, and hopes that he'll bring an ax the next time, because hers is completely chipped.
  • Any time Shelena starts acting.
    • When Rest comes to give her her clothes and she pretends in front of her boss that he's her nephew. Imagine a thirty-year-old woman acting like one of those annoying aunts that keep on catching your cheeks, calling you "sweetie" and talking about how much you've grown up since they last saw you.
    • When feigning the effects of Love Potion during the investigation of the room. She throws Veres on the bed, starts undressing and smooching him, and...
    Shelena (in Large Ham mode): Veres, you sexy, sexy, black-haired wizard of mine!
    • Veres' expression while she's doing that, alternating between absolutely dumbstruck and absolutely terrified, is comedy gold.
  • Shelena and Veres masquerade as female nuns. Yes, Veres too. And Shelena gets to show off her hammy acting again. It's too long to quote here, but has to be seen to be believed.
  • "So, how does one open that giant gate of yours?" "You just have to knock." That's after Gloom burned the gate along with a huge part of the wall.
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  • Gloom changes into a dragon and lets out a terrifying roar... And then Shelena's kelpie steps on his tail.
    The flight was canceled for technical reasons, and the roar of triumph turned into a very girly squeal.
  • Veres' deadpan reaction to the scene above:
    Veres: Well, I see the two of you were just born to work together.
  • Veres mentioning Gloom's Casanova nature, and a Noodle Incident when the two had to flee a furious father. And it happened more than once.
  • When they knock on the doors of the cottage where Virra and her sister live.
    Virra's sister: Who's that?
    Shelena (exhausted): Oh, just a giant dragon, a bloodthirsty werewolf and a banished wizard, chased by a pack of deadly monsters. Why do you ask?
    Virra's sister (opening the door): If they're joking, they must be humans...
    • The last part get funnier when you realize that the only "joking" part in Shelena's statement was "bloodthirsty", and even that was a close call.
  • The song the heroes hear in one of the bars they're visiting. The main character of it has just married and his mather-in-law is absolutely annoying. When Shelena stops relaying the song to us, he's just finished telling the listeners how terrible she is and starts to say what would he like to do to her.
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  • Rest's reaction to Shelena and Veres going to the woods to make out. Poor boy just can't say anything coherent.
  • The make-out scene itself, at least what we see of it until Sexy Discretion Shot.
    Shelena: Did you come here to seduce me or kill me?
    Veres: I think killing would actually be easier...
  • After saving the elven kingdom, Rest, Veres and Shelena are entertained by a group of very... scantily dressed elves. Rest follows two of the ladies into the woods for you-know-what. After a moment the adults realize that the courtesans are actually elaborate illusions and they struggle with whether they should tell Rest about it, as, well...
    Veres: But what if one of them breaks while he's... you know...
    I imagined that and spilled all the wine on myself.


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