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  • Andi's conversation with Tatum Parrish in Part 6. Particular highlights include Tatum's decision to call Andi "Cross" instead of her name ("Your friends have a habit of counting backwards from ten, in a very slow and measured pace, don't they?" "It's like you've met them.") and Andi's list of British Tall Tale characters being King Arthur, Spring-heeled Jack, and David Beckham.
  • Her conversation with Mr. Stone in Part 9 includes this gem, right after Andi has demonstrated fluency in French:
    Mr. Stone: I'm curious if you can translate Ethan Fromme into French as quickly as you do everything else.
    Andi: Why are you obsessed with that bloody book? Tell you what — I'll do Silas Marner instead. Or Piers Plowman. Or Passion Untold.
    Mr. Stone: What's Passion Untold?
    [Andi digs a dog-eared romance novel out of a pile of books and waves it in one hand.]
    Andi: Before I translate this one, I'm going to need a few more minutes to read through a French dictionary and maybe a thesaurus. I don't believe I have the right vocabulary for 'throbbing' or 'bodice.'

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