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  • Instead of being blasted out of Equestria, all the Changelings end up being turned miniature enough to trap the entire army in a glass jar. Chrysalis frantically pounds on the inside of the jar and yells without anypony being able to hear her as she points at Jewelius.
  • When Rarity is freed of the muzzle, she goes to give the imprisoned Diamond Dogs a lesson in manners. Ten minutes later, Rarity returns to the other heroes, pleased with having reminded the Diamond Dogs of why they hated having her in their mines… as they're shaking in fetal positions with traumatised eyes.
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  • In his brief cameo, Prince Blueblood is shown to have been demoted as a servant to his cousin Jewelius. He's nervously filing Jewelius's right hoof, afraid of suffering the king's wrath should he scratch it.
  • The climax has a few examples.
    • When Jewelius attempts to escape in his chariot, it capsizes and he falls onto the grass. Spike is revealed to have wedged the wedding cake toppers into one of the wheels.
    • The narration turns the Changelings' act of eating Jewelius into a darkly humorous Russian Reversal by commenting that "the changelings had a meal fit for a king, or a king fit for a meal".

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