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Funny / Love Hina Double Trouble

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  • Near the end of Chapter 6, Queen and Elizabeth come to stay at the inn. Now, this was just after Naru had been shown that her ways of dealing with pervs were wrong, but, when the twins say they're "intimate friends" with Keitaro...
    "YOU PERVERT!" Naru charged with her fist drawn and hurled it at Keitaro. He ducked and got behind her.
    "GO AND SEE PHILLIP! HE'S IN THE MANAGER'S OFFICE! YOU CAN'T MISS IT!" Keitaro yelled to the twins as he ran for his life from an angry Naru. Maybe he could tire her out and escape through one of the many secret passages in the building. Phillip knew the building quite intimately and had memorized all the secret passages.
    Too bad Keitaro hadn't.