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For how dark and unnerving Lords of Chaos is, the film does have it's funny moments, although with with a hint of terror to it, especially for a movie embracing the Ham and Cheese of black metal.

  • All of Euronymous's after death narration can be this, as one can tell Rory Culkin was exaggerating as much as he could.
    • "That's our king with his cool top hat!"
    • When introducing himself, he explains who he is and how his story will "end badly".
  • The Establishing Character Moment of Mayhem: Practicing in Euronymous's basement, along with Euronymous asking his mom to get his little sister out of the basement.
    Euro's sister: You guys suck!
    • Bonus points with during the roll call, their drummer Manheim gets his drum sticks stuck to the ceiling above him.
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    • "Then our idiot drummer decided to leave."
    Manheim: Later! *he drops his drum sticks and he literally pops out of existence*
  • While in the Euro's (actually his dad's) car, Jorn opens Dead's audition package, only to show disgust when seeing a crucified rodent. Jorn's about to puke when...
    Euronymous': Not in my dad's car!
    • Jorn and Hellhammer scaring a touring family by saying how Satan will kill them and eat their children.
  • Euronymous's reaction to Dead getting out of the car and picking up a dead fox and smell it, all while holding it up with a big silly grin.
    Euronymous: Heh...alright...
  • Euro goes to get Dead for band practice...and he's in a made up casket.
    Euronymous: *kicks the casket* Pelle, you in there? *opens the casket*
    Dead: Are we ready to rock...?
    Euronymous: *nods*
    Euronymous's narration: We isolated ourselves, and focused on our dark and evil music.
  • After making some dark comments at Pelle after finding him again depressed in his bedroom, he comments about how Dead hates cats. Cue him looking to the side at a hanging dead cat. And then he gets Dead out of his funk by telling him there's a cat outside.
  • The entire scene at the metal part at the Mayhem house. Special mention goes to Pelle helping Euronymous with the corpse paint.
    Euroymous: *trying not to laugh or smile as Dead puts on the black part of their corpse paint*
    Dead: Don't smile, you'll fuck up the make up.
    Euronymous: Sorry, sorry..
    Dead: This is not a joke. *finishes* You're terror incarnate!
    Euronymous: Terror incarnate...
    Dead: Ruler of chaos, and death!
    Euronymous: Yeah...
    • They later try doing dark poses and by god, Stylistic Suck doesn't even describe.
    Euronymous: Destroyer of worlds!
    Dead: *looks at him, noticing the Narm*
    Euronymous: No?
  • After said party, Euronymous looks outside the house to see Dead getting naked and taking his clothes into the woods and is later on seen before a show digging his clothes back out. It makes sense since the real Dead really did take his clothes outside and bury them outside.
  • While he was introduced at the party at Mayhem house, Varg's proper introduction after a Mayhem show is hilarious. He still is going under his name Kristian and when trying to make friends with Euronymous, he's mocked for loving Scorpions. Next scene shows Varg in his small barren apartment, eating and in corpse paint. Special points to him attempting to pose himself with a sword in the mirror and look intimidating. Bonus points that he threw out his Scoprions's patch.
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  • Any time Euronymous tries to not look human in the earlier parts of the film by his embarrassing parents: From throwing away a plant his mom gave him after leaving her house after Dead killed himself and hiding a flower set his family gave him as a gift for opening Helvete when he sees Ann-Marit.
  • Varg's trip to Oslo to Helvete. It's long and awkward but borderline Cringe Comedy considering much earlier, he put in his bag some armor made gloves and the Reh/Demo II tape.
  • "Want some?" " Uh No, I don't eat meat." "Oh?" "Yeah." "Like Hitler!"
  • The Reality Ensues fact of living in a record shop.
    • Euronymous leaves the record shop in his underwear to tell Burzum he loves his music....only to tell him he's broke and he can't fund it through his label Deathlike Silence.
    Euronymous: I'm broke. *throws the tape back at Varg* Good luck.
    • "PLEASE SHUT UP!" to a Norwegian singer for the Salvation Army.
    • The sheer fact Varg tells Euronymous he'll get his mom to fund the first Burzum album. Yes really.
  • Euronymous scaring the hell out of a group of poor old ladies at Grieg Hall, in particular with saying "Oh I'll fuck the last one!".
  • While at a bar with all the other members of the Black Circle, Varg attempts to come off as intimidating like Euronymous by mocking other metal genres and then proclaiming how they should gas them. Everyone looks at him complete shock....and then begin to laugh.
  • When the postman arrives to deliver the first Burzum album, he begins to say the label's name, only for Euronymous to say it in a death metal-like voice. And then...
    Euronymous: *rushes towards the postman and grabs it before bowing to him* Thankyoumisterpostman!
    • As a sort of Take That!, Burzum's first LP is literally a black cover except for the back.
  • The fact the movie portrays Varg Vikernes as a womanizer who fucks any woman looking for him after the Fantoft burning is amusing to say the least.
    Euronymous's narration: He fucked anything that moved!....and how many fucking girls can one fuck!?
    • The out of the mill cameo of the real Helvete that Euronymous passes during that montage.
  • After joining Mayhem as their bassist, Varg and Euro go to burn down another church. After going on a montage about how Christians screwed over the Pagans, Varg sets down a detonation device on the church floor.
    Euronymous: I-Is tha-
    Varg: *slightly annoyed* Yes...
  • Emperor's drummer Faust is shown to be a Momma's Boy, in particular with before murdering someone, Faust shouts to her "Mom, I'm going out!".
  • At Grieg Hall to record De mysteriis dom sanathas, the film introduces Attila Csihar (played by Csihar's real life son Arion), who's just out of loop to the events of the scene as he was in real life. Special mention is how confused he is when Varg says they're gonna blow up Nidaros Cathedral in conjunction with the album's cover.
    Attila: Wait.. blow it up?
    • When he sees Varg and Euro arguing, Hellhammer's response is to just leave fast.
  • The entire interview scene with Finn Bjørn Tønder and Varg. Where to start?
    • Varg makes the scene as overly edgy as possible: With Nazi paraphernalia and a goat skull behind him. When he sends Blackthorn to let Finn and his photographer in the room, he tries to pose himself as intimidating...and then hits himself in the back of the head with the goat skull's horns.
    • Blackthorn slowly and painfully taking off his boots compared to Finn and his photographer who did it with no trouble.
    • This exchange.
    Finn: Hi, I'm Finn Tønder. *gives his hand to shake, but Varg doesn't*...And this is my photographer.
    Varg: Greifi Grishnackh.
    Finn: Pardon?
    Varg: Greifi Grishnackh.
    Finn: I'm sorry, What are you sayi-
    Varg: *visibly annoyed* The Count, call me The Count!
    • Finn points out Varg's Skewed Priorities of being a pagan but also being a Nazi as a "flawed belief system". Which leads to...
    Varg: W-well..this things are all connected! And this may be hard for a journalist and normal people to comprehend-
    Varg: .....
    Photographer: What a fucking idiot!
    Finn: Yes, but that fucking idiot will be on the front page tomorrow! *they both laugh*
    • The best part is that the scene was an obvious full blown Take That! to Vikernes himself, who more or less was being a thorn on Jonas's side over daring to make the movie.
  • Because of Varg spilling the beans about the Black Circle, Helvete had to close down. As Faust asks Euronymous about if the store really closed because his dad couldn't pay the rent, it leads to this...
    Euronymous: I'm gonna fucking kill him!
    Faust:....You're gonna kill your father? That's fucking sick.
  • After being called up by famous metal magazine Kerrang!, Euro begins to talk to them and be as edgy as possible...which leads to them hanging up on him.
    • This exchange:
    Euronymous: I'm releasing Mayhem's new album: De mysteriis dom santhanas! D-E!...yeah...
    • A bit of a Tear Jerker, but it's amusing to see the infamous grim and creepy Euronymous crying at seeing Dead's corpse.
  • When Varg quits Mayhem and tries to give his skull necklace back, Euronymous reveals this gem:
    Euronymous: You can keep that. That's a piece of chicken bone. note 
  • After deciding to go end things with Euronymous, Varg and Blackthorn drive off to Oslo, which can be summed up as a hilarious trip.
    • When needing to stop for gas, Varg (in annoyance) gives him his last remaining credit card to Blackthorn and states he'll just report it stolen.
  • While Euronymous's murder is Nightmare Fuel, there's something so amusing at how pitiful and pathetic Euro acts, attempting to salvage the situation by telling Varg they can make a sensational rumor of it. Varg doesn't buy it.
    • Varg randomly making chocolate milk as Euro struggles to open the door to his apartment. There are no words.
  • Euro's ending narration: "There you have it: My story. Say cheese!", all while the police are photographing his dead body for evidence.
    • The shot of the memorial spot with the real photo of Dead and Euronymous has this:
    Euronymous: No, stop with the sentimental shit!

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