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Funny / Loonatics Unleashed

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  • Quite a lot of "The Heir up There", especially due to the Royal Tweetums' and Sylth Vester's dynamic mirroring that of the original Tweetie Bird and Sylvester.
    • Sylth Vester shows Danger Duck what happened to him after his head got stuck in a black hole by taking off his helmet. We don't see his face, but Duck's reaction says it all.
    • Sylth Vester thinks he's averted the self-destruct of his ship when nothing happens after the computer says "one", only for the countdown to continue with "Zero. Bye-bye". You can guess Sylth Vester's reaction.
  • "Cape Duck"
    • Danger Duck states that he doesn't even know how to spell "fear", which causes Lexi to remark that there are a lot of words he can't spell.
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    • Danger Duck thinks he's in the clear when the Sagittarius Stomper starts targeting Tech, only for Tech to read in the threatening letter that the Stomper is still going to come for Duck.
  • Ace tricking Melvin the Martian into holding onto his explosive by insisting on taking the explosive to make him unwittingly switch sides of their argument in "It Came from Outer Space".


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