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  • Clyde's stoic demeanor makes him come off as The Comically Serious.
    • While Jimmy gets into a Bar Brawl with Max Chilblain followed by all the other customers of the bar, Clyde calmly takes a few of the bar's alcohol bottles, creates a Molotov Cocktail and sets Max's car on fire with it. Everyone is attracted outside where he's waiting as if nothing happened and the bar brawl stops.
    • In order to help Joe Bang break out of prison, Clyde rams his car into a gas station's shop to get arrested. Then he gets out of the car, grabs something and goes to the checkout like if nothing happened.
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    • "You sucked my arm off!"
    • This is all made particularly funny, on a meta level, because much like Daniel Craig, Adam Driver is renowned for his portrayal of a very different sort of character.
  • Joe Bang, the first overtly comedic movie role of Daniel Craig. You can tell he had the time of his life playing this oddball but knowledgeable and reliable Deep South Demolitions Expert.
    • Telling the Logan brothers that they have the reputation to be simple-minded. The two of them then vehemently deny.
    • "I am in-car-ce-ra-ted!"
    • When preparing to enter the tunnels beneath the speedway through the garbage chute, Clyde tells Joe to not forget to "roll over" then pushes him in. Joe is still puzzled after landing on a pile of garbage before figuring out why Clyde told him to "roll over".
    • "What? You thought I would use a stick of dynamite or something?" Made better by the fact that not only is his real explosive of choice made of very benign ingredients like gummy bears but also how the Logan brothers' sheepishly admit that they really did.
      • He even writes out the chemical equation on the wall of the vault to explain to Jimmy and Clyde what the explosive is. He's effectively halting their grand theft attempt to give the brothers a chemistry lesson.
        Joe: Now, how far away is the vault?
        Jimmy: About twenty yards. I don't know, maybe thirty.
        Joe: [irritated] Is it twenty, or is it thirty? We are dealing with SCIENCE here!
      • As he says this, he holds up the bag of aforementioned gummy bears, bleach pens, and low-sodium salt that he has just turned into an explosive.
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  • Sam and Fish Bang are even more redneck than their big brother Joe. Jimmy and Clyde go to a redneck games gathering to meet them. Sam and Fish are first seen practicing toilet seat throwing. Not to mention how easy it is to convince them to join the heist.
    Fish: [Taking Sam aside to discuss their options] What you think?
    Sam: Yeah.
  • Joe instructs his brothers to go see "the bear in the woods" and get the bag he's been keeping for Joe. After a scene-cut, it's revealed that "the bear in the woods" is a guy wearing a bear-suit. No explanation is given for who he is, why he's out there, why he's wearing a bear suit, or how he knows Joe.
  • Sylvia Harrison (Katherine Waterston), the physician assistant co-running the Mobile Clinic, helps healing Jimmy's face after the Bar Brawl and vaccinates him, then puts a My Little Pony band-aid where she pricked him. Towards the end, Jimmy sends her some of the stolen money in an envelope, which he closed with a few similar My Little Pony band-aids.
  • Joe sends his makeshift bomb into the pneumatic money pipes to blow the vault's pipe's end open. Then he runs away... and the Logan brothers stay there for a second, before considering running away would be a good idea.
  • The staged Prison Riot. Among the prisoners' ridiculous demands, they ask for a finished version of The Winds of Winter (the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga - George R. R. Martin has yet to publish it).
    • And the poor warden has to explain to the prisoners that he can't fulfill that demand:
    Prisoner: Man, that's bullshit! He was meant to deliver the manuscript to his publisher ''two years'' ago!
    Warden: But I'm reading to you from the Wikipedia page. It also says that Martin had a grueling promotion schedule or something, and it's interfered with his writing schedule. He's failed to complete The Winds of Winter...
    Prisoner: That don't make no sense! Those two guys who transferred in from Federal last month knew about all the new stuff with the hot chick and her dragons!
    Warden: I'm telling you, I believe those two inmates had that information from watching the TV series. Again, I'm reading to you. (The prisoners turn away in anger) The series has jumped ahead! It's no longer following the books!


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