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Arthur's Teacher Trouble

  • If you click on Arthur's mother on Page 16, you get this gem...
    Mom: Arthur, spell "sister."
    Arthur: B-R-A-T, brat!
    D.W: (off-screen) I AM NOT!
    Mom: (scoldingly) Arthur...
    Arthur: S-I-S-T-E-R. Sister.

The Berenstain Bears in the Dark

  • The interactions with the Mother Bear and her Baby on Page 1;
    • The Mother Bear asks the Librarian if she has any books for baby bears, and the Librarian tells her there should be one on the shelf in front of her. As they say this, the Baby grabs the book for baby bears and reads it, then puts it back on the shelf when her Mother says she can't find it.
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    • As the Mother Bear looks through the shelf, she finds books about music and flying, neither of which her Baby wants. Then, when she finds a book called "How to Fool Your Parents", the Baby decides she wants that book. The Mother Bear puts the book back on the shelf and says, "I don't think so."

Green Eggs and Ham

  • The Logo Joke as the game starts up. The face worryingly looks upward, followed by being smashed by the plate for the title screen.
  • On Page 4, you can play a mini-game where you can match up various colored foods in Sam-I-Am's kitchen, which of course, Sam's Friend will refuse to try. Some highlights include:
    • Striped Hot Dogs
    Sam-I-Am: Hot dogs striped in red and blue, I have made them just for you!
    Sam's Friend: All that I can say is yipes! Hot dogs shouldn't come in stripes!
    • Rainbow Bagels
    Sam-I Am: Rainbow-colored bagels! Yum! Won't you let me serve you some?
    Sam's Friend: Not with cream cheese or alone, I'd rather eat a dry dog bone!
    • Gold Lobsters
    Sam-I-Am: Golden lobsters on a plate, this is something you can't hate!
    Sam's Friend: Lobsters come in red, I'm told. I won't eat lobsters if they're gold!
    • Pink Chicken and Peas
    Sam-I-Am: Pink fried chicken with pink peas. Want a plateful? Just say please!
    Sam's Friend: No pink chicken, no pink peas, pink food always makes me sneeze!
    • Polka-Dot Marshmallows
    Sam-I-Am: Marshmallows in polka dots! Have a couple, I have lots!
    Sam's Friend: I don't care if you have many, I don't want to dine on any!
    • Brown Strawberries
    Sam-I-Am: Brown strawberries in a dish, they're as sweet as you could wish!
    Sam's Friend: I will not eat my berries brown, so take those berries back to town!
    • White Hamburgers
    Sam-I-Am: Have some hamburgers in white! They're easier to see at night!
    Sam's Friend: Not at night or in the day, take those hamburgers away!
    • Gray Sundaes
    Sam-I-Am: Sundaes made with gray ice cream and gray bananas are a dream!
    Sam's Friend: Gray bananas, I declare! On gray ice cream? I wouldn't dare!
    • Checkered Waffles:
    Sam-I-Am: Waffles checked in white and black, please don't make me take them back!
    Sam's Friend: You will not get me to try it! Anyway, I'm on a diet.


  • An Easter Egg in the game allows you to access a gallery of bat-inspired cartoons, some of which are not-kid friendly. Highlights include Walt Disney's The Hunchbat of Notre Dame, Flitter, Flap, and Pip's no-good brother, Flip, a "Bat Elevator" which depicts the operator and the passengers hanging upside down, the Down arrow on the top and the Up arrow on the bottom, Stanley calling "Stella!" and Stellaluna choosing to ignore him, and Arthur hanging upside down from a branch as Stellaluna tells him he's in the wrong book.

Arthur's Reading Race

Arthur's Computer Adventure

  • On Pages 2 and 4, the lamp on the desk near Arthur's computer keeps begging you not to click on him. On Page 14, when you click on him too many times, he decides he's had enough and leaves.
  • On Page 3, when you click on the phone, the two mice order a large cheese pizza with extra cheese, hold the pizza. On Page 7, a man at the pizza parlor calls Arthur's voice mail to confirm the order. The two mice run excitedly to the phone and shout, "Yes!" repeatedy.
  • In the "Frankenfish" mini-game on Page 7, you can form the "Jellaluna" fish from a jellyfish and a tuna. D.W. describes it as "A little tuna that got lost from its mother and was raised by a family of jellyfish".
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  • On Page 11, when you click on the octopus near the computer games, he advertises the Deep Dark Sea computer game, ending with a disclaimer saying, "Not responsible for Deep Dark Sea accidents while fighting over the mouse".
  • On Page 14, the two mice sing about how they attempted to steal a wheel of cheese from Arthur's refrigerator on Page 12, but soon get into an argument over which one of them lost it, which leads to them beating each other up in a Big Ball of Violence.


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