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"Funny, F-U-N-Y."

  • Following a Lingo, as Shandi set up a new board for that team, she inadvertently said "Here are your new balls." Realizing what she just said, Shandi began laughing in an embarrassed manner.
  • A male contestant, hoping to avoid the red Stoppers, said "This is the first time I'm hoping for blue balls, Chuck."
  • At the beginning of Round 2 on one show, as Woolery mentioned the "?" balls, the camera showed Shandi holding two of them side by side with a mischeviously naughty look on her face.
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  • One time, somebody guessed "WHORE". Yes, really.
    Chuck: Yeah, that sounds like our crew.
  • The GSN era did an April Fools' Day episode in Season 2, which pitted hosts of other GSN originals against each other. Mark Walberg of Russian Roulette and Marc Summers of WinTuition played against Kennedy of Friend or Foe and Graham Elwood of Cram, with Todd Newton of Whammy! as announcer/comic relief. Marc and Mark curb-stomped their opponents to a 500-0 score, the first time that this ever happened; they then went on to get 9 words in Bonus Lingo, setting a new record (at the time).
  • After winning a bonus round, the team celebrates and a lady hits her partner right in the eye while jumping up and down.
  • While Chuck explains the "?" balls, Shandi holds one up, only to notice too late that the actual "?" label is facing to the floor, not to the camera. Which apparently happens a lot.
    Chuck: Why are they always facing down?
    Shandi: Because this job is hard, Chuck!
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  • In the Dutch version, one contestant (Laurens) spelled the word 'Cumshot' in seven-letter lingo, purposely pronouncing it as 'Cums-hot' and explaining he learned the word from 'the dictionary'. Of course, the presenter Lucille Werner was shocked. See for yourself. This is the translation:
    Laurens: Curiosa, C-U-R-I-O-S-A
    Lisanne: Chalets, C-H-A-L-E-T-S
    Laurens: Cums-hot, C-U-M-S-H-O-T (Lisanne is already silently laughing)
    Lucille: What did you say, Laurens???
    Laurens: Cums-hot. Yeah, it was in the dictionary...
    Lucille: It was in the dictionary? Did you memorize the dictionary entirely...? Please, spell the word.
    Laurens: C-U-M-S-H-O-T
    Lucille: Okaaay... And I will still have to go to JeePee (the jury). I do not know what this is, JeePee...
    JeePee: Well I do know, but I do not know if should explain it at three minutes past seven in the evening on Lingo.
    Lucille: Because?
    JeePee: Well, it's a term...
    Lucille: Wait a minute! We have to be careful. There might be innocent children watching.
    JeePee: Exactly. Let's just say it's a certain moment in the climax of a scene from a movie that is only broadcasted when it is very late...
    Lucille: Laurens, you do not need a dictionary for that.

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