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    Independence Day vs. War of the Worlds 
Will Smith: [punches out alien] Welcome to Earth.
  • Using "Macarena" and "My Humps" to illustrate the "two widely-different eras" of The '90s and 2005 respectively.
  • On comparing the looks of the aliens note :
    Lindsay: Only I guess these guys have mouths, so they can go "Bleh."
    War of the Worlds alien: Bleh!
    • She later disparagingly refers to them as "big-eyed, cute aliens", noting how this clashes with the tone of the rest of the film.
  • "I'm not saying it would've been better if Robbie never came back into the narrative—well, I mean it kinda would have, it would've shown Ray his inadequacy has a consequence..."

    How Aladdin Changed Animation (by Screwing Over Robin Williams) 
  • After mentioning the revival of Williams' film career with Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and Hook:
    Lindsay: But none of these are so relevant to the story of Aladdin as a charming little polemic by the name of...
    Title card: FernGully: The Last Rainforest
    Sub-title: (no really) note 
  • On Williams' request that he not be used in more than 25% of the film's marketing:
    Lindsay: [chuckles] Williams said... "Don't merchandise my character"... To Disney. [chuckles] Aw...
  • The welcome return of "I'm losing to a BIRD!"—and again making it a Running Gag.
  • While reviewing the other animation studios and their similar push for celebrity voice talent, a trailer for The Star abruptly cuts her off to emphasize the sheer deluge of celebrities hired, only stopped by her bewilderment at Oprah being netted for the film.
  • While Lindsay doesn't exactly say it, she manages to communicate her opinion on Bicentennial Man through the clip she pulls from it.
  • Lindsay constantly referring to Jeffrey Katzenberg as a "petty asshole", complete with a flowery photoshopped image of Katzenberg and an Enya song playing.

    We Need to Talk About Game of Thrones I Guess 
  • The opening:
    Lindsay: So, the internet has lost its mind.
    [Hard cut to a collage of thinkpieces about Season 8 of Game of Thrones, set to Verdi's "Dies Irae, Libera Me".]
    Lindsay: ...I include myself in that description...
    [Hard cut to an identical collage of Lindsay's tweets complaining about the season.]
  • Her rapid-fire recap of the entire show's run:
    • Her subtitles for each season highlight the fandom's ride from being excited to despondent with each successive season.
      Season 1: This is awesome!!
      Season 2: Wow it's even better!
      Season 3: Shit gets real!
      Season 4: Get aboard the HYPE train
      Season 5: Shit's still cool, right??
      Season 6: Okay maybe last season was a fluke and now we're going to get back on track this is gonna be great
      Season 7: I'm starting to get worried
      Season 8: Kill me
    • Tywin's introduction is accompanied by floating hearts and a pink cursive "SENPAI".
      "Charles Dance is the real power behind the throne, and also the best character in television history. Do not @ me, he just is."
    • Disdain for the show's portrayal of Tyrion killing Shae is made clear by calling him "Boyfriend of the Year! He apologized!" while playing "Sorry".
      Lindsay: But not before he murders Charles Dance... and also his girlfriend. But don't worry, he's still totally sympathetic!
      Tyrion: I'm sorry. (note that this is a post-mortem apology)
    • Every time Euron appears, an off-key whistle solo plays to really emphasize how awful he is and is solely referred to as "Hot Topic Pirate".
    • The Jon Snow/Daenerys romance in season 7 is portrayed as a light fluffy romcom in the midst of everything else.
    • The Series Continuity Error of "The Bells" is underlined by a rapid-fire montage of Tyrion saying the bells, and then immediately cutting to them said to be used for anything but surrender in season 2. The yodelling as background music is the cherry on top.
    • "And then the bells ring, and then Daenerys is like 'noooo, I think um I'm gonna do some WAR CRIMES.' And then does 9/11 like times a hundred."
    • Her reaction to Bran being the ruler in the end on the sole basis of stories being the best qualifier is simply "EUAAGGHH-".
    • The Running Gag of pointing out "empowering feminist moments"note  set to "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.
  • Lindsay checks her notes for several seconds to assert that the writing was... bad.
  • The Cleganebowl montage set to a techno remix of "Who Let The Dogs Out?", with lots of airhorns, image macro text, and two fat corgis fighting. It even gets reused as the credits for the following video!

    The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes 
  • The video basically consists of Lindsay taking apart the writing of the entirety of Season 8 and showing how there were numerous failings of setup-payoff and character development. While much of the video is academic, there's one moment where Lindsay starts talking about Daenerys's "arc" that is absolutely hysterical.
    Lindsay: As it turns out, she's super Hitler! The Hitler that fliiiiiiiiiiiies.
    (Katy Perry's "Roar" plays while Dany burns King's Landing down)
  • Just the general exasperated tone Lindsay takes.
  • The throwback to her Hercules video: "That's right, bitches. The funyuns are back."
  • 'Tis the season for some treason! with uncomfortable expressions from Dany, Tyrion, Jon, and Varys on a Christmas card.
    Season's Treasons! From all of us dumbasses
  • "But your grace, what about the Geneva Conventions?"
  • Her irritation at the Starks' refusal to trust anyone in season 8 has her comment that their house motto should be changed to "Fuck you, got mine" accompanied by their sigil changed to be Flipping the Bird.
  • The use of a SpongeBob-esque "X Seasons Earlier/Later" card—voiced by Hbomberguy—becomes a Running Gag. And then "Five Seasons Earlier" happens and Hbomberguy goes:
    "Five Seasons Earlier. Wait, how long is this show? I've been putting it off until I read the books, but should I just start watching the show? Tell me if I should in the comments...of Lindsay's video."
    • And this is after he previously accused Lindsay of stealing his joke.
  • The Stinger, lampooning the show's ending by dubbing over the "constitutional peasant" scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    Dennis the Peasant: Listen: Strange dwarves sitting in councils telling good stories are no basis for a system of government!
    King Athur: Be quiet!
    Dennis the Peasant: You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some rhapsodic dwarf strung a narrative together!
    King Athur: Shut up!
    Dennis the Peasant: I mean, if I went 'round, sayin' I was an Emperor, just because I said could recount the entire plot of Anna Karenina, they'd put me away!
  • The image summarizing Jon Snow's ultimate characterization: a deflated blobfish with a crudely-drawn sword and black wig and a speech bubble saying "muh queen".
  • Lindsay pretending to throw up after lines of awful and problematic dialogue.
  • When talking about the showrunners trying to explain the burning of King's landing with Dany 'making it personal', Lindsay points out the script says a different thing... with a photoshopped image of the script titled 'Dany make big place go boom boom :(' and an Emmy in the shot.


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