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    Dear Stephenie Meyer 
  • "It's fine. It's fine... it's fine..."
  • The fact that the video uses clips of Vampires Suck in addition to clips from the actual Twilight movies.
  • Lindsay admitting that she might've "bet on the wrong horse" when recounting her days as a Nu Metal fan who openly disparaged the boy bands the "other, lesser, more woman-y girls" listened to.
  • Going off on a brief tangent about the age of consent in Japan.

    Bright: The Apotheosis of Lazy Worldbuilding 

    My Monster Boyfriend 
    The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy 

    The Ideology of the First Order 

    The Whole Plate: Queering Michael Bay 

    The Whole Plate: Marxism! 
  • "...and yes, we can consider a toy, a cartoon, a comic, a whatever, a piece of art — The Transformers was most definitely art..."
    Megatron: You are either lying or stupid!
    Starscream: I'm stupid, I'm stuuuupiiiid!
  • Much like the video on Feminist Theory and Transformers, Lindsay is all too excited to discuss Marxist Theory in the Transformers, even saying that it's the least complicated topic she decided to tackle.
  • Her brief description of the touchy-ness surrounding discussion of Marxism on the internet results in Lindsay needing to give out some beleaguered sighs.
    Lindsay: Marxism — that topic you think you know about because — um, certain YouTube "intellectuals" screaming about how Marxism is directly opposed to western values is so hot right nownote .
    (Cue Lindsay's 1st beleaguered sigh)
    Lindsay: So at the risk of pissing everyone off, both on the right and the left...
    (Cue Lindsay's 2nd beleaguered sigh)
  • ContraPoints cameos as her character Tabby in the video to help Lindsay with the topic of Marxism, starting off by listing off all the forms of Marxism and Marxist philosophers, reducing her to a faltering smile and eventually looking at her phone.
    Tabby: ...Lukács, Gramsci, Rancière. You have read Rancière, haven’t you?
    Lindsay: (Looking up from her phone) Totally. In undergrad.
  • Due to the hefty amount of schools of Marxist discourse, Lindsay spins a wheel of a random "important" theorists to start the discussion. Among the names on the wheel are "The Wendy's Twitter account", "Your angry uncle Jim", "The one scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "ContraPoints", and "Call me 'tankie' one more time".
  • Lindsay uses Theodor Adorno’s Marxist philosophy as a template for part of the video... until she starts reading quotes of Adorno repeatedly dumping on jazz music. Lindsay's reaction is just perfect. She even ends her reading on Adorno with a clip from the first Transformers movie of Optimus Prime mourning Jazz's death.
    • Barry B. Benson: Ya like jazz?
    • Lindsay also refers to Andorno and Max Horkheimer as “the daddies of Critical Theory”, complete with on-screen text saying “Take me away. #CriticalDaddy”.
  • As Lindsay does her own Marxist reading of the text, she defines what "the text" entails. The example of Transformers she pulls is the scene of Bumblebee "lubricating" on John Turturro.
  • Lindsay showing off her Starscream toys to demonstrate that she's not a true believer of Marxism.

    That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast 

    The Death of the Hollywood Musical 
    Youtube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For fun and profit!) 
  • Lindsay refers to Yolanda Gampp's promotion of her recipe book as "a tactic which only a sucker would fall for". Cut to Lindsay holding the book.
  • During her section on calls to action, Lindsay lists RuPaul's Drag Race as a non-online work that uses them, citing this as part of its online presence that contributes to its success, as well as its structure "lending itself to easy sharing".
    Bianca Del Rio: Not today, Satan.
    Bob: Oh, you thirsty, bitch?
    Miss Vanjie: Miss Vanjie. Miss Vanjie. Miss.... Vaaanjiiiie.
  • Lindsay calling out Man About Cake's manufactured facade of authentic "casual" presentation, concluding with this glorious phrase, complete with a snap-zoom:
    Lindsay: Man About Cake? More like Man about FAKE!
    Product Placement and Fair Use 
  • Her continual corpsing during the scenes at The Cheesecake Factory.
    Death of the Author 
  • After the VHS-infomercial-styled opening, cut to Lindsay taking a swig from—appropriately enough—Writers' Tears whiskey. note 
    • Speaking of the VHS style, Lindsay made sure to include some very-modern touches to it, like a dabbing Jesus clipart and "Does it though?"
  • Mocking Anne Rice's hard-lined approach against fan fiction of her works:
    Lindsay: Respect the authors wishes, fans! How dare you make the gay vampires even gayer!
  • Before going into a long conversation about JK Rowling, there's a long, surreal sequence of JK Rowling's face distorting, backed by a harmonica cover of the Harry Potter theme.
  • Michel Foucault's cool jacket.
  • Lindsay starts talking about some of the weirder aspects of The Fault in Our Stars, and wondering what kind of grown man would write about two teenagers sharing their first kiss in Anne Frank's house, or having sex... John Green, of course, is waiting in her garden.
  • The end of the episode, where John Green shills Audible, while Lindsay sinks lower and lower into her garden chair.
    John: The Fault in Our Stars is a 2012 novel, written by Lindsay Ellis.
    Lindsay: I did it!

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