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    Planting and Payoff - Featuring Mad Max: Fury Road 

    Are Disney Villains Going Extinct? 

    The Whole Plate: Transformers and Film Studies 

    The Whole Plate: Auteur Theory vs. Michael Bay 

    The Whole Plate: Why is it So Hard to Remember What Happens in Transformers? 

    Mel Brooks, The Producers and the Ethics of Satire about N@zis 

    The Whole Plate: Genre 

    The Whole Plate: The Problem of Lady Robots 

    Pocahontas Was a Mistake, and Here's Why! 

    The Complex Feels of Guardians of the Galaxy v. 2 

    The Whole Plate: The Male Gaze vs. The Men 
  • The thumbnail for the video is a thing of beauty: A collage of Sam Witwicky, Cade Yeager and Agent Simmons making stupid expressions as Lindsay herself is making goofy glasses using her fingers.

    The Whole Plate: Framing Megan Fox 

    The Revisionist World of Disney: Mary Poppins, Walt Disney and Saving Mr. Banks 
  • Going through the film's themes of maintaining artistic integrity to selling out, Lindsay briefly mentions how it's likely for the greater good, pulling up a shot of a teary-eyed Travers hugging a big Mickey Mouse plushie in bed.
    Lindsay: That's right, you get in the bed with the mouse, Pam. GET IN BED WITH THE MOUSE.''
  • Her talking about the portrayals of Travers and Disney. How she calls Emma Thompson doing a great job being charming and relatable "while being an abject unequitable jerk", while Disney by Tom Hanks is well, "It's Tom Hanks."
  • Her brief mentions of the odd Socialism-curious-ness within Mary Poppins.
    Jane: Please let me feed the birds!
    George: Whatever for?
    Michael: I have tuppence from my money box!
    Jane: Just this once, please!
    George: Waste your money on a lot of ragamuffin birds? Certainly not!
    Lindsay!Michael: (with a thick Cockney accent) But I want to redistribute the wealth, faaather!
    • Not long afterwards, she mentions the film's subtle satire on the bank system, where taking the tuppence of a kid who just wants to feed the birds causes a bank run.
      Michael: Give it back!
      Lindsay!Michael: The people shall seize the means of production! Feed the birds!
  • Lindsay points out how in spite of the common criticisms of the movie polishing Walt Disney's edges, that's not what the film is about.
    Lindsay: I mean, did we really need a scene where he takes a break from the filming of Mary Poppins to discuss the evils of communism?
  • Lindsay goes through how Disney tends to be more associated with a brand than historical accuracy, citing Beauty and the Beast and how it's only roughly set in France, but not in a way that makes you go "Oh, Beast and/or his descendants are going to meet a grizzly fate in a few years," followed by footage of someone being guillotined and a shot of Lumière, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts mourning.
  • The subtle, unspoken joke of Lindsay discussing how "Cultural appropriation and historical revisionism are kind of integral to the Disney brand" while wearing a giant sombrero at Disney World.

     The Case for Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame 

     Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Genres Tell No Tales 

Alternative Title(s): The Nostalgia Chick 2017 Episodes


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