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Funny / Lillie's Z-Powered Adventure!

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  • Lillie happens to catch a Sassy Slowpoke.
    Kumu looks up at the treat blankly. You frown back, returning the treat to your bag. Kumu blinks again and stares at you for ten long seconds, then turns his gaze to the empty potion bottle next to you. He looks back at you again, then back to the bottle, then back at you. Then he takes a few steps to walk up to the bottle. Which he chomps down on and begins to eat. Um.

    "N-no!" you say, once what the Slowpoke is doing catches up to you. "Kumu, don't eat that either! You'll hurt your stomach!" You pull the mangled plastic out of his mouth before he can swallow it. Fortunately he's not chewing very forcefully, so your hand is just sticky. "Are you really that hungry?"

    "No, I think he was just messing with you," Miri says. "...Well, sort of. More of a, 'well this isn't food so I can eat it without you saying so, right?' sort of thing." She snickers. "I didn't think a Slowpoke could be sarcastic... Still not very bright, though."

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  • Kumu is so lazy it can't even be bothered to climb onto the bed for a snack.
    After a moment or two Kumu finally reacts. He stops walking into the mattress, and a moment later is rearing up to get onto the bed. Then he seems to forget about what he was doing just as he starts getting onto it, rolling over with a "fwump" to just sort of lean against the bed with his head on top of it and the rest hanging off the side and sprawling on the floor. His mouth is open wide, and after staring for a moment you just shrug and toss the treat in. Once Kumu notices it's there, he starts happily munching away.

  • On Route 5, Lillie keeps running into Geodudes. Eventually she takes to an... unconventional method of warding them off without Repels.
    You eventually just picked Kumu up by lifting from under his front legs — leaving his lower half hanging from your arms and his tail dragging against the trail — and pointing his dopey smile in the general direction of any rock that seemed to be getting ideas.

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  • Lillie tries (and fails) to look intimidating while confronting the last of a pair of Pokemon thieves from Team Z (complete with a linked picture of Lillie's face in the author's note).
    Oscar's eyes narrow as he opens his mouth to retort... and then he stops, glancing at the Arcanine with a frown. Star's expression turns to a condescending sneer as she sees the way he hesitates; the look that Oscar gives her in response is dripping with contempt and disgust. He sneers back at her, and then he glances over at you — and though you try to look intimidating once you realize that you're the one he's looking at, his only response to you is to grimace. Goodness knows what that means.

  • An Igglybuff trying to act tough.
    "Hano, back off," you say. Your Pokemon shoots you a sullen look, but he stops growling. The Igglybuff seems to take that as Hanohano being intimidated, and puffs itself up in pride. And immediately rolls off its feet. You sigh.

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  • Lillie's encounter with a Clefable in Moon Square.
    You stutter and trail off as the Clefable — which easily has a few inches on you — walks up and starts patting you on the forehead. Then it leans forward and presses its forehead against yours while you continue to make confused Lillie noises.

  • Kumu is a lot more clever than he looks.
    Several other Clefairy are having fun poking at Kumu and running away before he can react, though several of them end up tripping on the Slowpoke's tail when his delayed response to their prodding 'just so happens' to move it into their path.

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