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  • The random generator can create some unfortunate names such as Steve Butt, Karl Buttman, or Dick Toogood. Or Lacey Duvall (a porn star). Or Rebecca Chambers.
  • Oh my Science! Is there anything I can do to help?
  • A good deal of the "enlightenment" quotes are hilarious, but "-Hostage- demands that -Interrogator- stop looking like Hitler." (gotten by giving the target hallucinogens and wearing an imposing outfit while they're still afraid of you) takes the cake.
  • When you take over the radio/cable news radio station to make your own program, there is a chance to make such a good show that the security was listening to/watching it instead of doing their job and waiting for you at the exit. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
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  • You can intimidate Conservatives into backing away by yelling your slogan. Which can be anything from "We are the Liberal Angels of Death!" to "...", to "We need a slogan!".
    Alex shouts the Liberal battlecry!
    Alex: We need a slogan!
    Police Officer gets out of there!
    Security Guard has a family!
  • If you have enough charisma, you can talk your way out of any encounter. Including the ones with guard dogs.
    Me: Conservatives kick dogs!
    Guard Dog: That is terrible! What can I do?
    • And if you have high enough seduction, you can seduce your way out of any encounter. Yes, that includes dogs.
      • Later changed to require L+ animal rights. Without it, the disgusted dog goes back to being hostile. Tanks will shake their turret 'no' if you attempt to seduce them.
  • Low intelligence during recruiting, risks stupid lines which can be funny in themselves. Even better is when they succeed in spite of it.
    Me: Prisoners don't have freedom!
    Prison Guard: That is disturbing. What can I do?
  • Pretty much anything in the Liberal Guardian. Example: "The events took place at the notorious Corporate HQ, where evil and conservatism coagulate in the hallways."
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  • The brainwashing minigame is always good for a laugh. Only a game like LCS would allow you to brainwash people by beating them with fists full of money, forcing them to play violent video games, or watching Bible Black.
  • One Boring, but Practical gameplay style can manage this - there come times when you want to shut down a location to prevent something or spread non-violent political goals. Take practiced Liberals with Ninja Suit and cans of spray paint. Infiltrate a high-security location, say a military base, police station, CIA/Ministry of Love, or Prison. Spray paint every single available wall without being detected and escape. Watch as they put off plans like assassinating the publishers of secret documents or raiding their location due to having to move after being thoroughly graffiti-ed. It is even a way to be an Actual Pacifist and defuse a raid. Don't respond with violence - just Sigil Spam the hell out of their secure headquarters and make them panic. Of course you would have also proven that their secure location thoroughly and undeniably '''isn't''' - you could have planted bugs anywhere, so they would have to move until thoroughly cleaned up to restore opsec!
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  • Recruiting genetic monsters. It requires a high level of heart and going to the genetics labs. Then engage in the usual release the 'bunnies' antics for obviously dangerous mutants. Even the game interface says that it may have been a bad idea. Cue being surrounded by abominations: giant mosquitoes,flaming rabbits, genetic monsters, writhing masses, genetic nightmares, and something simply known as 'something bad' intent on ripping you apart. Then the liberal pacifies them and results in some very eloquent dialog from something with an intelligence of 1, the same as a dog. With good recruiting skills one can then end up with all of those abominations on your side. Turning an obviously terrible idea into something surprisingly decent.

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