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Funny / Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque : La Série Abrégée

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All the moments of funny in Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque : La Série Abrégée:

  • The Bronze Saints arrive in front of the Gemini house:
    Seiya: Well, whoever likes me, follow me!
    (Runs inside, but nobody else moves. Seiya comes back)
    Seiya: That's not funny, and you know it!
    • It's funnier when you remember Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun did that because they were salty over Seiya don't letting them pass Taurus house with him once he defeated Aldebaran.
  • When the Gemini Saint confronts Hyoga and Shun in his house:
    Gemini: You will never get out alive from this labyrinth! (Evil Laugh)
    Shun: ... This, a labyrinth?
    Hyoga: ...In straight line?
    (both start laughing their asses off, much to the Gemini Saint's irritation)
  • Ailolia's episode opens on the Circle of Life. And ends on "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".
    • Then Seiya delivers this pearl while fighting him:
    Seiya: No way I am gonna get killed by someone with the same name than a chocolate bar!
  • Aiolia confronting the Great Pope:
    Aiolia: It's pointless to lie, Great Pope, I know everything!
    Great Pope: Oh, really? How about the capital of Colombia?
    Aiolia: Bogota!
    Great Pope: Oh my God, it's true! He does know everything!
  • Ikki asks Shaka why someone likes him serves the Great Pope:
    Shaka: Oh, so just because he terrorizes men and women, wears a creepy mask, and ends all his sentences with a sardonic laugh, that makes him evil? (Ikki gives him a blank stare) Well... sure, when you put it like that... Oh, forget it!
  • When Shiryu meets Shura, the latter reveals he was the one who killed Aioros years ago.
    Shiryu: Really? His brother the Lion must not like you much.
    Shura: Oh, after all that time, it's probably water under the bridges...
    Aiolia (screaming from his own house): I WILL HAVE YOUR HIDE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!
    Shura: ... A shame we cut them.
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  • Seiya and Shiryu mistaking Milo for Satomi from the BEE HIVE.
  • During the fight between Hyoga and Milo, the former irritates the latter with a speech, leading to this exchange:
    Milo: Camus! May I kill your apprentice in an atrocious, agonizing way?
    Camus (standing at the top of his house during a storm): I am Night. I am Vengeance. I am Aquarius!
    Milo: ... I'll take that as a yes.
  • Aioros finds out the Great Pope is an impostor:
    • This is followed by the Great Pope's reaction when Aioros escapes with the baby Athena:
    "GUARDS! HELP! There is a traitor in the temple, and I swear it isn't me!"
  • Hyoga tells Camus he spent years regularly going underwater to just stare at the dead body of his mother:
    Camus (to himself): And I thought collecting stamps was a crappy hobby...
  • Pretty much every time the Great Pope is onscreen.
    Yes Yes Yes! Finally! After so much effort - and Silver Saints wasted - the five Bronze Saints are defeated! The Phoenix, atomized! The Dragon, orbited! The Swan, frozen! Andromeda, lying near another man! Hehe, that's weird! And finally Pegasus, that damned Pegasus! Awaiting death in a poisoned field of roses! Mouh ah ah! It's done! Over! Kaput! Cut! That's a wrap! The Sanctuary is mine: I won!
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  • Seiya declares his intention of entering the Pope's sanctum by the strength of his fists... and proceeds to gently knock at the door.
    Pope: Nobody's here!
  • The scene with the Old Master revealing Saga's conspiracy to the remaining Gold Saints is full of hilarious moments in and of itselt.
    • Milo asking why he didn't tell them sooner. Old Master says he's already over 200 years and it's good enough he can remember to breathe.
    • Shaka telling that Saga, being torn between good and evil, is the one who has suffered the most with the battle. Cue montage of all those who died just during the last 12 hours.
    • Old Master's speech on how the Gold Saints will now gather to "unfairly recover public attention and most of the merchandising" is closed with all the Goldies doing the Battlecry from 300.
  • Saga can't believe that the Gold Saints decied to follow Athena just like that, when he had to drag them by hands and feet just to get them on staff meetings.
    Shaka: Well, let's just say that for once, the theme of the meeting is more important than choosing the color of the new carpet.
    Saga: What do you mean? It's very important to choose the color of the new carpet!
  • The scene with Shaka in Episode 13. From the moment he's asking Mu to teleport him back to when he angrily dismisses Ikki after finding up he's been doped by everyone for years.

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