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Due to wiki policy, moments pages contain unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

  • Lelouch has some really weird dreams when he doesn't end up in the Velvet Room:
    • One where Sayoko arranges 108 dates for him, with it being the number of dates he has for the first day of three weeks.
    • One where Arthur insisting that Lelouch goes to bed, regardless of how awake he currently is.
    • One involving Arthur, now a human, putting the moves on Milly to the dismay of Rivalz.
    • One of Suzaku waving around a pair of lobsters around while Euphy looks on in admiration, and Shirley trying to wrest the lobsters from Suzaku. When she manages to get a hold of them, Suzaku just produces a large fish, seemingly from out of nowhere.
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  • Lelouch and Kallen are talking about what Code Names to give themselvesnote  when Arthur asks if he can change his code name from Tama into something cooler:
    Lelouch & Kallen: Tama!
    Arthur: Oh, whatever! Let's just get moving!
  • After finding out that he has to pay to re-summon his Personas from the Persona Compendium, Lelouch asks Tsu what she would even use the money for:
    Tsu: Pizza.
    Lelouch: What.
  • While at a celebration for new members of the Student Council Nunnally asks Kallen if she and Lelouch are dating and when Kallen says it's just a rumor:
    Nunnally: Thank you, Kallen. I hope that you'll excuse me for asking such a question. I'm sure you must be sick of it by now. I just needed to hear it from you. Well, there's still time…
    Shirley: Wh-what's that mean?
    Nunnally: I'm wondering which of you will one day be my sister-in-law. Though maybe it will be both of you. I don't mind, as long as I still get to spend some time with my brother.
    Kallen and Shirley take a moment to process what Nunnally just said.
    Both: What?
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  • After Clovis' death Lelouch, Suzaku, and Milly are discussing what they can do to cheer up the students when Milly says she has an idea. Cut to Lelouch tied to a chair to avoid escaping, while the rest of Student Council are dressed up in cat costumes.
  • Shirley and Lelouch's conversation in Chapter 43:
    • It begins with Shirley asking who Noire is after earlier hearing she is his half-sister.
      Lelouch: Euphemia li Britannia, Third Princess of the Empire, and sub-Viceroy of Area 11.
      Shirley: Very funny, Lulu! I'm asking you a serious question, and your first response is to try to pull my leg like that? Kallen was right! You really are liar, aren't you?
      Lelouch: I'm being completely serious, Shirley. That was Princess Euphemia, and she is my half-sister, though it had been years since I had seen her when she came to Japan.
      Shirley: No way! That would mean you and Nunna… each have some royal blood…
      Lelouch: We do.
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    • Then Shirley believes that they share the same mother and Lelouch and Nunnally are bastard children from an affair and sent to Area 11 to hide the whole thing.
      Lelouch: Don't you remember what I told you, Shirley? Nunnally and I were sent here by our father after our mother died. Princess Euphemia and I have different mothers, but we share the same father.
      Shirley: Oh, right… Sorry… I was just rambling there- [realizes what Lelouch said] Wait… that means… if you and Princess Euphemia have the same father… that means… Your father… Your father is… The Emperor!
      Lelouch: And my mother was the late Empress Marianne.
      Shirley: [faints]
    • Then she comes to she thinks it was just a dream.
  • Lelouch is able to convince Kaguya to let him see Kirihara so he can ask for his help for the Black Nights. Once he reveals his identity as the leader of the Black Knights though:
    Kaguya: Wait! You're a Black Knight? You're the one who took down Clovis and the Black King! That's so cool! That's it! I've decided! You're going to be my future husband!
    Lelouch: Wait, what?!
    Kirihara: Kaguya! Is this how you conduct yourself, in such an undignified manner? You were taught better than that!
    Kaguya: Our meeting was fate! Besides, I'd much rather marry a hero like him than my own cousin!
    Lelouch: Aren't you jumping into things too fast? You barely know me! We've only met three times before today!
    Kaguya: Nope! That's more than enough! Haven't you heard of love at first sight? Well, I suppose it's at second sight in this case…
    Lelouch: I already have a girlfriend.
    Kaguya: That doesn't matter! She and I can be your Court Ladies!
    Kirihara: Enough!
  • In Chapter 46 while the boys are in a hot spring while on vacation. They overhear Milly and the rest of girls coming in. As they try to find a way to escape Arthur tells the girls that they are in the springs.
    Milly: Like what you see, boys?
    Rivalz: [Nosebleed] I must have died and gone to heaven
    Shirley: Lulu!
    Kallen: Lelouch!
    Lelouch: No, wait, I can explain!
    Arthur: Nice knowing you. Serves you right for trying to perv on them.
    Leila: The enemy is encircled. Commence an all-out attack.
    • Luckily for the boys Milly stops them before the girls go on the attack.
  • While having breakfast at a Ryokan Inn, the Amagi Inn is mentioned, reminding Suzaku of a "precocious cousin" of his who once told him she wanted have a month-long stay there for her honeymoon someday. The "precocious" bit comes from the fact that the then 7-year-old Kaguya also mentioned her intention to not letting her husband leave their bedroom for at least half as long. Suzaku admitted that it took him until he was fourteen to understand what she meant.
  • The anecdote above prompts several amusing reactions too. Shirley goes beet red as she couldn't believe a girl as young as seven actually said that, while Lelouch feels himself go pale because this happened just three chapters after Kaguya gave him a Wacky Marriage Proposal. For her part Milly grins and praises her by saying "she sounds like my kind of girl!", which in turn makes Lelouch go paler at the "nightmarish scenario in which Milly and Kaguya were the best of friends."
  • While having a cookout at the beach, Leila tries to help by making a sauce despite having little idea how to cook. The result has a consistency of pudding yet runny in certain places, smells of burning, rotting eggs, with a sickly green color. Before the group can get rid of it, Lloyd shows up and takes a bite, causing him to run off to the water to vomit.
  • In Chapter 49, the Black Knights have released a video, some of the reviews from the in-universe fandom are... interesting. Since all of the girls were in lighting that showed their sexy silhouettes, it's caused some to think that all five of them are their leader's harem.
    Diamond: At least everyone's talking about us now. "The dashing yet mysterious phantom thief Zero, leader of the Black Knights, pledges to steal our hearts, assisted by a bevy of shadowy beauties, his lovers by day and femme fatales by night!"
    Queen, Bishop, Noire, and Dame: [in perfect unison] WHAT?!
    Queen: Did someone actually write that?
    Diamond: Yup! That stuff's mild compared to some of the steamier stuff that's out there now. But don't worry. They've got almost all of the details wrong, so it's not like they're actually writing about you.
    Queen: Not helping!
  • As the Black Knights are trying to figure out how to get around the "Forbidden City of Greed" Palace, Diamond gets an idea when she notices all the soldiers around are male:
    Diamond: Most males, and especially soldiers, are the hot-blooded type. They see a pretty girl, and some of those higher brain functions shut down, while more primitive parts take over. They'll be eager to please her. If they see six pretty girls... then we're home free.
    Zero: There are only five of you. [realization hits] No. You can't be serious!
    Diamond: [cackling] Time to take one for the team, Zero!
  • Lelouch's dream in Chapter 51 starts out like his other dreams, with Arthur turning into a car dubbed by the "Arthurmobile" with Queen driving... Badly. The reason being she and the other girls all arguing who would marry Lelouch before they suddenly declared to "share" him. Lelouch then finds himself in a large bed in his boxers with Kallen, Shirley, and Leila (dressed in a dance outfit, a bikini, and black lingerie respectively) all clambering onto it, the three girls each taking turns making out with Lelouch. Then Nunnally suddenly shows up, angry that her brother is "three-timing", turns into her thief garb and orders her Persona to attack. Lelouch wakes up right then, drenched in sweat... with an unfamiliar stickiness in his boxers.
    • When Lelouch tries to figure out how he could get such a dream he initially wonders if the tea Leila gave him had hallucinogenic properties (a reasonable conclusion since Leila helped make Mystery Food X). Turns out his newest Persona, Lilim, is to blame.
      Lilim: Aw, I tried to give you a nice dream, but you had to go ahead and ruin it with your little sister showing up.
      Lelouch: Don't mess with my head, polluting it like that, unless you want to end up like Incubus before you!
      Lilim: Geez, you don't have to be a jerk about it! Don't forget I'm also you. I can't make you dream up anything that isn't already in your unconscious mind. Can't you just admit what you really want?
      Lelouch: Be silent!
    • Even better, later when Shirley and Kallen are talking to Lelouch about them accepting the idea of a polyamorous relationship, Lelouch pinches himself to see if he's in another Erotic Dream created by Lilim. He isn't.
  • After Lelouch (semi-reluctantly) agrees to the above, he asks that they keep this a secret for the moment to avoid further complications... only for Milly to jump out of nowhere and shamelessly admit she overheard everything because she suspected something "juicy" was going to happen.
    Lelouch: Let's not tell the others about this. Not yet.
    Shirley and Kallen: [nod]
    Milly: [through the door] Too late! [skips into the room]
    Lelouch: [mortified] You were eavesdropping on us all along?
    Milly: Well of course I was!
  • In Chapter 52, after Zero does a risky move to take down a Sub-Boss Shadow that could've gotten him killed, Queen and Dame are quick to call him out on this. But the two begin Finishing Each Other's Sentences as they do so, which is commented on by the others.
    Dame: Um, Zero. It's not that I'm not grateful to you for saving me there...
    Queen: [fuming] But what were you thinking, risking yourself like that? Don't you remember? It's our jobs to protect you, not the other way around! [notices that the others are looking at her funny, except Milly who looks quite amused] You're more valuable than any of us, Zero, with how you can change Personas and adapt to any situation! When you took that curse yourself...
    Dame: You nearly gave us a heart attack!
    Noire: I was as scared as you were. But when did the two of you start finishing each other's sentences?
    Queen: What are you talking about?
    Dame: We're not finishing each other's sentences! [said that too quickly, making it sound like a continuation of what Kallen said]
    Bishop: A merging of opposites into a new and harmonious whole...
  • During a flashback about The Irregulars in Chapter 53, it revealed that Power once bluntly asked Nemo if "Onii-sama" is the Japanese word for "boyfriend" because that's how it sounds with the way she says it when talking about her brother. Cue Nemo being very flustered and Speed being jealous.
  • The preamble to Lelouch and Kallen's conversation in Chapter 54.
    Lelouch: [explains his plan to attend the Masquerade Ball as part of their Black-Tie Infiltration]
    Leila: [They] are not going to like that... especially Kallen.
    [scene break]
    Kallen: I'm absolutely not okay with this!
    • Lelouch's plan to arrange for Kallen's reformed Wicked Stepmother to invite him as her plus-one is worth a chuckle on its own. The best part is how he sees nothing wrong with it except for taking advantage of her bad reputation as nobody would think twice of seeing her in the company of yet another handsome young man. It takes him until Kallen snaps and spells it out for him to understand why she doesn't like the idea.
      Kallen: [looking like she wants to strangle him] How oblivious can you be, Lelouch? You're totally her type! She used to always be coming in with men who were younger than her, and you're more handsome than most! (...) If there's anything that will get that cougar back to her old ways, it's going to be you!
    • There's also that Hilarious in Hindsight bit where Kallen reveals that despite how her stepmother was disparaging him when he visited the Stadtfeld Manor in Chapter 25, the woman also gave Lelouch "an appreciative once-over" without the Clueless Chick Magnet noticing — a memory that still makes Kallen angry even after 29 chapters and almost 170,000 words.
  • At the Masquerade Ball, Kaguya take one look at Kallen's stepmother — nominally Lelouch's "date" as he needed an inconspicuous way to get into the building — and asks whether he Likes Older Women and if perhaps Mrs. Stadtfeld is one of his "Court Ladies", which is Kaguya-speech for a member the Polyamory centered on him. Lelouch and Kallen respond with a perfectly coordinated "No. Just... No" Reaction.
  • During Leila's welcome party to the Student Council in Chapter 58, Milly pulls out a bottle of wine now that they can legally have some via Loophole Abuse, which reminded Rivalz of the time he brought champagne to the Clubhouse in Chapter 11 and Shirley wrestled the bottle away from him because they were too young to drink, shaking it so much that the cork popped and the accidentally soaked Kallen with its contents. This prompts matching Luminescent Blushes in her and Lelouch by remembering them of the Shower of Awkward/Suggestive Collision moment that followed it, something that Milly naturally didn't miss.
    Milly: I knew something went on between you two in the shower there!
  • After Lelouch maxes his Confidant with Leila, Kallen notices that Leila's Persona evolved from Jeanne d'Arc to Freyja, right before remembering how her Persona evolved... and what happened between her and Lelouch immediately afterward. She right away demands Leila to explain what she was doing with Lelouch that night.
    • Lelouch has a moment of sudden dread when he realizes that Shirley knew exactly what Kallen was talking about despite the brief and ambiguous wording. Why? Because he only then realizes that having a harem that it's also Polyamory means "his love life, and everything associated with it" (i.e. his sex life) has naturally become a topic of discussion among his girlfriends.
    • Also a Brick Joke. After the above exchanged, a slightly amused Dragon says that the supposed rumors about the Black Knights being Zero's harem were true, to Lelouch's chagrin.
    • And then Nunnally cheerfully says that her brother isn't trying to outdo their father, citing quality over quantity.
      Nemo: Now I have three future sister-in-laws to look forward to, all of whom I can count on to protect my brother.
      Dragon: Excuse me?
      Dame: Nemo!
      Diamond: Aw, she's all grown up!
  • Gao Hai's Treasure is strongly implied to be his severed gonads.
    Nemo: What is it, Zero?
    Zero: You Do NOT Want to Know.


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