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Funny / LEGO Elves: Secrets of Elvendale

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  • At the start of episode 1, Sophie interrupting Emily's story of the origins of Elvendale. Just to complain about how dull it sounds.
    Emily: Why do you always have to interrupt my stories?
    Sophie: Cause their boring!
    • Sophie's initial reaction to arriving in Elvendale.
    • Emily's Elf friends reactions to meeting Sophie. Most of them adore her within a few seconds after meeting her, much to Emily's irritation.
    • Sophie meeting Aira for the first time.
    Aira: Can you read minds? What am I thinking?
    Sophie: (concentrating) That, I can read minds?
    • Cronan shamelessly flirting with the girls, while still tide to a tree.
    • Farran's reaction when Aira breaks into his room to warn him that the treehouse is on fire. He hadn't noticed anything since he'd been listening to music the whole time.
    Farran: Ahhh come on! I just fixed the table!
  • From episode 2, when Sophie accidentally knocks down all the construction ladders. Everyone is fine, save Cronan, since Sophie's bucket of glue landed on his head.
    • Azari rushing off to see the new fire chariot Aira made for her.
    • One of the goblins is accidentally launched at Emily and the Elves from the Goblins catapult as they're flying through the air. The Pegasus Firebolt then gives the Goblin a dirty look.
    • When Azari and the goblin Bieblin both get themselves caught in a cage hanging up in a tree, Azari tries to keep Bieblin calm by asking him what makes him happy. Bieblin answers with a demonstration of Air Guitar. He then pulls out a pair of drum sticks he'd had in his pocket, much to Azari's dismay.
  • In episode 3, the Running Gag of Aira repeatedly bringing up Rosalyn's shoes.
    Aira: (Azari and Naida glare at her) What? They look super comfy.
  • Near the beginning of episode 4, like in the first episode, Sophie pokes fun at some of the more narmish terms used up the Elves.
    Sophie: Darknicity? Is that even a word?
  • Episode 7, while she's creating images with fire. Azari gives Farran a fake mustache.
    • Sophie's reaction when she realizes she and Cronan are cousins note , Emily empathizes.
    Emily: You can't pick your relatives.
  • Despite the fact that he's the Big Bad for the majority of the series. Some of Cronan's facial expressions can be pretty hilarious.
  • In episode 8, Sophie and the elves strike a pose not unlike those seen in Super Sentai/Power Rangers before they march on Cronan's fortress.

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